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Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 7


Written by Edygistville…

A few evenings later, Sandra was home watching television. Her little sister, Deborah, was spending the night with a girlfriend. Lounging around the apartment by herself, Sandra was wearing nothing but a black see-through negligee. She was about to turn off the set and go to bed when the doorbell rang. Opening the door, she saw Meka Tochukwu, her kid sister’s boyfriend, standing in the doorway.
“Hi, Meka,” she said. “Come on in.”
Seeing the young man’s eyes bugging out of his head as he entered the room, Sandra suddenly realized her big ripe Tips were faintly visible to him under the translucent material of her black negligee. It strangely pleased Sandra that her bosoms were exciting the youth so much. She’d always thought Meka was a handsome young man, and she’d often wondered how his teenage Joystick would taste.
“Where’s Deborah?” he nervously asked, not seeing his girlfriend in the room.
“She’s spending the night with Rose,” Sandy answered as Meka sat down in a chair opposite hers. “Would you like a bottle of coke?”
“I-I guess so,” he stammered, unable to tear his eyes away from her swollen Tips.

Standing up, Sandra slowly walked out to the kitchen to get him his drink. Meka almost came in his boxers when he saw her soft cheeks and crack of her Buttocks through the lacy fabric of her gown as she left the room.

Returning with a bottle of coke, she walked over and handed it to him. Standing directly in front of the boy, she saw the shock and excitement on his face Buttocks he stared at the triangle of black Kittycat-hair that was clearly visible through the transperent black material of her negligee.

His hand was visibly shaken when he accepted the drink she offered him.

‘What’s the matter, Meka?’ she teased. ‘aren’t you feeling well?’

‘I’m okay…I guess, ‘ he stammered, unable to take his eye from her partially exposed Kittycat.

‘Then what the hell are you staring at?’


‘oh, Meka, you nauthy boy,’ she said, teasing him. ‘you are peeking at my Well.’

‘n-no, I wasn’t,’ he gulped, looking up at her face.

‘would you like a good look at it?’

‘what do you mean?’

Without another word, she flung the front of her gown wide open and let it slide down over her shoulder and arms to the floor!

To Be Continued…

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