Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 9


Written by Edygistville…

Finally moving her mouth up from his balls, she lapped her tongue around his rooster-head for a few brief seconds and then began working it up and down the full length of his throbbing Joystick. His body was twisting and turning on the couch from the jolting stabs of her experienced tongue. Excitedly moving her tongue up and down over her young lover’s wildly pulsing rooster, she continued caressing his balls with her busy fingers.

From, the way Meka was writhing and twisting, sandra realised she was moments away from bringing him off.

‘Oh, God!’ he moaned. ‘This is fantastic!’

Covering his swollen knob with her passionately ovaled lips, she began bobbing her hotly sucking mouth up and down while her fingers continued working vigorously on his Pour-bloated balls. As his muscular young body rocked closer and closer to climax, she sucked deeper and harder on his near-bursting rooster-head.

Meka had never felt anything to equal her leeching lips sucking and pulling on his sensitive Joystick. It was pure ecstasy to feel her mouth sliding up and down his slippery, lipstick-stained shaft.

‘Oh sandra!’ he sobbed. ‘I’m almost there…almost there!’

The words were barely out of his mouth when his frothy Pour started gushing out from the head of his exploding Joystick. It shot in thick hot loads of Pour against the back of her throat.

‘wow!’ he shouted. ‘suck, sandra, suck!’

The muscular young man’s body was flopping around crazily on the couch as his rooster continued shooting deliciously slippery Pour into her mouth, he curled his fingers into her hair, mashing her feverishly sucking mouth down tighter over his squirting Joystick.

The beautiful nurse sucked and swallowed every tasty drop, and when she drained him dry, she let his limp wet rooster slip out from between her Pour-coated lips.

‘God, that was good,’ whispered Meka.

‘Now it’s your turn to play with me,’ she excitedly giggled as she spread her Unclad body out on the couch and invitedly open her shapely legs. ‘I wanna be finger-bleeped.’

A warm smile spread across sandra’s beautiful face as Meka inserted his trembling finger inside her oozing Kittycat.

‘oh yes, darling,’ she softly moaned as he began plunging his finger in and out of her hotly sopping Bleep-hole.

Sandra’s widely spread legs began jerking with ecstasy as his finger zipped in and out of her feverishly writhing Kittycat.

‘faster!’ Sandra excitedly cried out. ‘ Faster, honey, faster!’

Her shapely hips began moving all over the sofa as hot juices oozed out around his wildly plunging finger.

‘ooooh, that’s so good,’ moaned sandra. ‘just keep those fingers working. Now work a little faster.’

As he speeded the tempo of his wild finger stabs, the deeper he drilled his finger into her dripping Well, the more excited she was getting.

‘Darling,’ She finally whispered to him. ‘Have you ever sucked on girl’s Kittycat?’

‘heck no.’

‘why not?’

‘it sounds awful’

‘you should try it,’ she giggled. ‘men all love to go down on ladies’


‘sure,’ grinned Sandra. ‘why don’t you just taste it? You might not get another chance.’

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 18, 2016 — 8:07 pm

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