Must Read: Office Support… Part 12


A story written by Ed’

Chidibent his erection down to her waiting hole, now wet and bright red and slightly open from being Forked by their fingers. He touched the tip to her anus. “Take it slow,” she repeated.
Ijeoma lay her head on her side and let her body go limp, concentrating on the feeling of Chidi’s harddick touching her Buttocks. She felt the pressure of Chidi’s first attempt at insertion, the head only starting to push in. She immediately anticipated the sensation. She could still hear Jide’s advice echoing in her head, and did her best to allow her body to go weak. She had complete trust that Chidi wouldn’t hurt her; she just needed to convince her lower half of that.
Chidi watched her anus tighten up as he attempted insertion, and then watched it relax again. He put a hand on her back and rubbed gently to comfort her while he positioned himself for another attempt. This time Ijeoma maintained her loose and relaxed state, allowing Chidi to get half his head in and out several times, using the extreme slipperiness to their advantage, not getting in any hurry. Seeing he wasn’t hurting her, he pushed further, now getting nearly all the head of his Joystick inside.
Ijeoma concentrated on letting Chidi into her, giving all the control to him. Her mouth was involuntarily open, her voice making high pitched whimper at feeling the fine line between discomfort and extreme pleasure.
“You’re doing so well, Ijeoma! Very soon you’ll have all of his love inside you. Can you take it all?”
“Mmmm hmm,” she answered Jide, which Chidi took as the green light to go further. As he watched the length of his Joystick finally disappear inside, Ijeoma took in a loud breath, surprising both men. “Yee!” she said. His Joystick felt much bigger than two fingers! Chidi slid in slightly further. “Yee!” she repeated. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before, crossing the doorway from pain to pleasure—a doorway she never knew existed.
She was ready to take it all. She leaned back into him, pushing herself onto his Joystick and burying it to the full. She screamed in a high-pitched moan that almost sounded tearful. But there were no tears, only pleasure.
Chidi partially withdrew and gently thrust all the way in again, disbelieving that he was finally inside. When he had woken up that morning he barely knew what his wife looked like back in her dark butthole, let alone how she tasted or what she felt like inside. Now he was Bleeping her Sekxy Buttocks like an experienced lover. He went slow and easy at first, waiting on Ijeoma to adjust to the strange new sensations she was experiencing.
Ijeoma remained with her head on the bed, whimpering quietly as Chidi stroked her slowly. She was waiting for him to increase his speed, but he wasn’t. “You can do it faster, baby,” she finally said.
Chidifucked into her harder, not quite pounding into her yet, but enjoying rapid stimulation. It was the tightest Fork he’d ever had! Her hole was smooth and slippery inside, the view was absolute Sekxy perfection, Ijeoma’s curvy Buttocks spread wide to take him in.
She was perfect. He loved his Ijeoma before, but now there was another side to her he never knew existed—a side that completed her as the most wonderful lover any man could ever hope to have—a person with whom he could indulge his darkest desires, and gladly give in return hers. He was free to be himself, just free. He loved her Sekxy perfection!
Ijeoma was ready to get pounded and got up on all fours so she could rock against her husband, beginning the sweet music of body slapping. She pushed back in rhythm with his thrusting, forcing him deep into her—deeper than he would have thought okay—so that the wide base of his Joystick stretched her Buttocks just a little more with every hard insertion.
Chidiabsorbed on the gentle and smooth sound of Ijeoma’s condensing Kittycat-saliva lube mixture slowly getting used up. He was starting to feel some friction and followed his instinct to correct that. He pulled out of her and briefly gazed at his wife’s beautiful Buttocks, once pure and untouched, now wet and trembling, waiting on him to satisfy his deepest desires with it. He anxiously bent down to meet her Buttocks with his mouth, dragging his tongue between her labia and scooping as much thick moisture he could find up to her anus. Flattening his tongue against her Buttocks, he delivered the precious liquid, now mixed with his own saliva, preparing her for another insertion.
As he positioned himself behind her, gazing down at her shiny-wet red hole between her cheeks, ready to once again take him in, he realized with absolute certainty that he was the luckiest man on earth. The side of his sweet Ijeoma that he’d unconsciously hoped for was finally revealing itself to both of them. She was the very definition of a wonderful lover. He bent his harddick back down to her Buttocks and let it painlessly slip back inside; resuming their loving Bleeping like they had never stopped.

To Be Continued…

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