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A story written by Ed’

They sat down at a two-person table in a corner of the cafeteria, neither of them wanting to chat with the others. The Sekxual tension was intensified today and Ijeoma decided to take advantage of the opportunity to ask Jide some seriously personal questions. There were things she always wanted to know about what men thought of S£x, but had never had achance to ask. She had never talked so freely with anyone before she and Jide became friends. She felt like she could bring up any bizarre subject and he would talk truthfully.
“Can I ask you a very private question?” she asked, getting him ready.
Jide’s expression grew excited. “Only if it involves somebody being Unclad.”
Ijeoma took a bite of her meat pie and just let it right out. “Do you like to masturbate a lot?”
Jide had just taken a bite of his own meat pie, and immediately wished he had waited until after she asked her question. He nearly choked trying to swallow.
Taking a gulp of his juice, he finally recovered enough to speak. “Yes, you?” he said in response, as though she had just asked him something as boring as whether he had charged his phone.
“Well, I’m a lady,” she evaded.
“Yeah, I know,” he said with lustful eyes.
“What I mean is, is it something men do all the time or just like every few weeks?”
“Oh! Well, it depends.”
“So, how often do you do it?” she pressed.
“Seventy times a day, baby! I’m a Sekxual engine!”
Ijeoma continued to look at him, unmoved, waiting on a real answer.
“Okay, honestly? It depends on how much my girlfriend is around. A couple times a week. Maybe more if something turns me on.”
“Like what?”
“Like a Sekxy colleague with a curvy Buttocks and tight skirts.”
Ijeoma gave abright, but wicked smile. “You think about me when you nk, abi?”
“I will tonight for sure. Unless Lolacum early.” He laughed at his unintended pun. “Pour,” he repeated with a giggle.
“You had better not think about other women when you’re making love to that nice girl o!” she scolded.
“No!” Jide implored. “Well, it depends on what you were wearing that day.”
“Stop joor!” she called softly with a smile. “So, what is Lola’s favorite thing to do?”
“Now, we’re talking!” Jide yelled, sitting up in his seat and getting more comfortable. He leaned in to speak, and lowered his voice. “I think, but I’m not too sure, that she might really like anal.”
Ijeoma’s eyes grew wide as she covered her mouth. “You guys do anal?”
“We have a couple times. She seemed to really enjoy it. I can’t believe we didn’t try it until now.”
“Oh my goodness! How does it feels like?” This wasn’t a question she had thought of asking before, but now Ijeoma really needed to know.
“Oh, it’s such a terrific turn-on stabbing your Joystick in a tight place that wasn’t meant for that.”
“Yeah, sorry; I can’t relate,” she remarkedmatter-of-factly. “I mean what’s it like for her?”
Jide wasn’t exactly sure. “I know it kind of hurt and it took a while to get it in. But once we got going, oh man was she into it!”
“Did she ask you to, or did you just do it?”
Jide thought for a moment, reviving their first time in his head. He spoke gently, just above a whisper. “I was hitting her from behind and pulled out for a break. Before I put it back in, I just started casually rubbing my Joystick between her Buttocks cheeks. Pretty soon I was like trying…little thrusts at her Buttocks, but with no real penetration. She didn’t complain, so I kept going, fingering her a little between efforts at insertion.”
It was awkward, imagining it was her Buttocks getting sampled. Just listening to Jide recall the encounter was getting her aroused. She cleared her throat, which had gone dry. “She was okay with you doing things like that to her?”
“She didn’t tell me to stop. I think she was as interested as I was. She bent over a little more for me, but didn’t say anything, so I kind of took it like she was enjoying it. I poked and played with her Buttocks some more and after a while I managed to squeeze the head inside. Before I knew it, she was moaning for me to push it all the way in.”
Ijeoma swallowed hard as she squeezed her thighs together, feeling the first bit of wetness in her panties that had started to emerge from listening to Jide talk S£x. She couldn’t imagine Chidi ever trying something like that with her. “You’re a bad boy, Jide.”
“You never know, baby,” he said seductively
“So what else do you guys like to do?” Now she was addictedto this new drug of honest S£x talk, and needed more.
Jide looked up for a moment, considering what would be the next most erotic thing he could make known to his beautiful friend. “Well, we both like oral, giving and receiving.”
“You like to give it to her?” she asked, a little unbelieving.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know; I don’t think Chidi does.”
“Is he gay?”
“No, it’s just that—”
“Then he likes it. Trust me.”
“But, he never does it,” she said a glint of sadness.
“Do you ever ask him to?”
“Well, we’re not like that,” she explained. “S£x isn’t something we openly talk about; it just happens.”
“You ‘shildren’ need to get over being so bottled-up. Loosen up! Have some fun and communicate!”
Ijeoma smiled and shrugged her shoulders.
Now Jide had a question for her. “Do you ever go down on him?” he asked.
Ijeoma gave anawkward grin. “Sometimes. Not very often. I don’t think he enjoys it much.”
“Well, then that’s your fault.”
Ijeoma frowned at him.
“Seriously, it’s not just about putting it in your mouth and sucking away like a lollipop. You have to learn how to take that thing deep, stroke it with your wet throat like you’re making love to it.”
“I know how to suck a Joystick,” she counteredcalmly.
“Hmmm, look me in the eyes when you say that!”
Ijeoma ignored his tease. “It’s just that we seem to avoid doing anything…dirty,” she explained. “Like, we only make love; we don’t ever ‘have S£x’.'”
“Ah, we want to dirty our tidy lovemaking with a little extracurricular activity?” he summed up.
Ijeoma glanced to her left once to reassure herself that nobody was listening. She nodded slightly with a guilty smile on her face.
Jide sighed and reached down and attempted to secretly adjust his trousers to relieve the pressure from his growing erection.
“What are you…doing there, oga?” Ijeoma asked, glancing down and then back at him with a smirk.
“Just looking for my hanky,” he lied. “My advice to you is to let him know you can sometimes be a dirty girl.” He looked around and lowered his voice. “Start by pulling off of him during S£x and having a taste of his tool, dripping wet with your juices. I can say this with absolute certainty: We men love that! And I mean that with a capital L-O-V-E.”
Ijeoma frowned at the suggestion.
“Oh, come on!” he pleaded. “You don’t really think it’s uncultured, do you?”
A smile crept onto Ijeoma’s face. “Am I not supposed to?”
Jide grinned at his beautiful colleague. “Ah, I can see it in your eyes, baby! Let go of those hitches. Pretend like you’re a Adult movie star when you’re Bleeping him. Be his little Sluut in bed. He’ll start doing things that you never expected.”
“Yeah, like asking me what I did with his sweet, innocent Ijeoma. I couldn’t bear to annoy him, Jide.”
He shook his head and smiled. “You’re not listening to your old pal, Jide. He’s waiting for you to find your inner Sluut. Put sweet innocent Ijeoma on the shelf for a while.”
Ijeoma smiled uncomfortably at her drink while she stirred her straw. Jide didn’t feel like he really convinced her, but it sure had been a fun conversation. Their discussion turned to more pressing issues that needed attended to that afternoon.
The rest of their day was busy answering calls for help from the government bond investors, who suffered a low investment yield at the worst time of the day, but Ijeoma’s mind never wandered far from S£x. After the morning flirting and the sexually charged lunch with Jide, her libido was boosted.
She found herself daydreaming of seducing her husband, surprising him with a little slutty behavior, undressing seductively in front of him after work, or grabbing his crotch at their hello kiss. Unfortunately, every fantasy ended with Chidigetting annoyed at her abnormal behavior, suppressing her back into good-girl mode.

To Be Continued…

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