A story written by Ed’

She quickly removed her blouse and unhooked her bra before throwing it all in the laundry basket. Her Tips were feeling extra sensitive, just like her clit, and she rubbed them gently, watching her Unclad shape in the mirror. She couldn’t wait for Chidi to fill his hands with her soft Bosom!
Normally, when Ijeoma took a shower while in the kind of mood she was in right now, the herhand would eventually find its way to her lower half, gently touchingher labia, sending waves of pleasure, then spreading them apart to find her firmed up clitoris nestled inside, ready to be tickled and teased by her thick thumb. It was how she achieved most of her orgasms. But today she was careful not to stimulate herself too much. She wanted to preserve the blessed tension she had been saving up all day for her husband. Maybe this would be the night he would try something naughty with her. He seemed quite responsive when she subtly suggested they make love.
Instead of masturbating in the shower, Ijeoma tried something different, but equally erotic. Examining her Kittycat, she got a crazy idea. She’d never trimmed herself down there before. After shaving her legs as usual, she let the razor creep off her thigh and below her navel, shaving a corner of her pubic hair. She did the same to the other side. Before she knew it, she had narrowed her normally wide area of hair. She shaved a little more off the sides, then across the top, and then rinsed the soap off. She opened the shower door and looked in the mirror.
“Oh, baby!” she thought to herself. Suddenly she looked like a Adult movie star. Her Kittycat looked much smaller, much prettier. She continued to watch in the mirror as she slipped a finger across her remaining hair and dipped it between her labia. She felt the seemingly ever-present moisture and pulled a thick, slippery line of fluid from her Kittycat. The shaving had turned her on even more!

To Be Continued…

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