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A story written by Ed’

Chidi rubbed her hips and up her sides and then onto her breasts as Ijeoma settled her weight onto his hard Joystick. The wetness of her Kittycat had become the main attraction, surpassing even the trimmed hair. She felt even tighter to Chidi as he glided back into her swollen Kittycat.
Ijeoma sat up straight on Chidi, her hips rocking rhythmically on his hard Joystick. This was a rare position for them. Chidi never asked her to change positions, and Ijeoma normally lacked the courage to suggest it. Both of them could feel the excitement building, as though an obstacle they normally had trouble clearing was safely behind them. Chidi began to thrust in rhythm with Ijeoma’s rocking, his hands cupping her sweet Bosom. Ijeoma traced the outline of Chidi’s muscular chest with her finger, keeping her eyes on his, her expression intense. Silence was the normal mode for them once their lovemaking had reached cruising altitude, but Ijeoma was in the mood to talk, not only to further their erotic encounter, but also to keep Jide in the know.
“I’ve been wet for you all day,” she said.
“You were thinking about me today?” Chidi asked.
“Thinking about making love to you.”
Chidi smiled. Ijeoma leaned down to kiss him. She bit softly on his earlobe with her teeth before uttering in his ear, too softly for Jide to hear, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” Chidi responded. Jide did hear that.
“Awwww, you kids are so sweet! Now is the time to take it to the next level, Ijeoma. He loves you, but he’ll love you even more after you do this.”
Ijeoma gazed into Chidi’s eyes, part of her wanting to be alone with him, the other part anxiously awaiting what her “teacher” would say next. And what he said next stunned her with erotic desire that would have weakened her knees if she wasn’t already on them.
“Remember what we talked about at lunch today? Now is your opportunity to show him how Sekxy you are. Take him to a new world of lustful desire. Pull off him and have a taste of his wet Joystick. I promise it will be the sexiest portion you’ve ever had in your mouth. Mmmm, Ijeoma! I know your juices are running down his Joystick right now. Let him see you lick it up for him!”
He didn’t need to say any more; she was ready taste their love. She only hoped Chidi would take it the same way she would offer it—a lustful gesture to enhance her undying love for him. She sharply pulled off of Chidi’s long Joystick. Chidi’s expression went from pleasure to puzzled—and then to surprise as Ijeoma made her way down to his glistening Joystick. She watched his eyes intently, unable to predict his reaction. Ijeoma got into a comfortable position between Chidi’s legs and brought her mouth slowly to his Joystick, never losing eye contact. His surprised expression melted to sinful lust as Ijeoma’s lips touched his dripping Joystick.
She had a first taste, just her lips on the head, her tongue slipping out to meet the shaft. The salty-sweet nectar erupted on her tongue and lured her further onto him. He was very slippery, the shiny coating peeling off onto her lips and collecting in a drop on her chin. The barely noticeable smell of her Kittycat tickled her nostrils, teasing her desire to its most dizzying heights. Ijeoma closed her eyes and opened her throat, taking the fleshy Joystick as deep into her as she could tolerate, moving up and down on it once or twice before she had to release it with a deep breath.
She stroked his soaked Joystick with her hand as she looked up at him again. Chidi’s mouth was wide open, revealing his own erotic desires at having such a unexpected thing done to him by his sweet Ijeoma. He swallowed once and resumed his open-mouthed stare; still disbelieving what she was doing, secretly hoping she would continue.
Ijeoma took it in again, allowing the delicious, wet sounds of Mouthaction to fill the room—and her headset.
“Oh, gawd, Ijeoma! You’re doing him right, I can tell! You’re an amazing woman to do this for your man. Right now he’s watching your pretty little lips gulp up your Sekxy juices. Make sure you look him in the eyes. He loves you, baby.”
Chidi did in fact realize an affection he never knew he had for his wife. He could never bring himself to ask Ijeoma to do such a thing to him, let alone expect her to do it well. He lustfully watched his standing Joystick that had just been inside Ijeoma’s drenched Kittycat, disappear inside her throat. He was so captivated by the feeling of Ijeoma’s soft throat that he thrust into her, Bleeping her mouth like she was a little Lovepeddler.
Ijeoma gagged at having his big Joystick rammed down her throat, but recovered quickly. “I’m okay,” she breathlessly said to both men before lustfully taking the Joystick into her throat again. Chidi felt like such a fool for doing that to her, and wanted to apologize, but the stimulation took over his thoughts again, and he found himself almost thrusting into her as before.
“There’s one more special thing a woman can do for her man with her mouth that is impossible for him to do to himself. I have a feeling Chidi has never experienced this before, Ijeoma, so you must do this!”
Ijeoma was intrigued at Jide’s mysterious instructions. She licked Chidi’s long Joystick and awaited her orders.
“Put his balls in your mouth. Suck them gently while you stroke his rod. He won’t believe such a sensation even existed!”
Ijeoma immediately complied, moving quickly down a little further and licking his scrotum with her tongue. She sucked his testicles in gently, first one, then the other, caressing the thick, rough skin with her tongue, spitting them out and sucking them in again, all the while stroking him, just like Jide said.
Chidi took a stunned breath as his balls found their way inside Ijeoma’s mouth for the first time. “Oh my gawd!” he exclaimed. “Oh my gawd!” he repeated, his mouth wide open. He breathed in audibly again. “Oh—oh—” he stammered. “Oh, Fork, Ijeoma!”
Jide burst out laughing, absolutely overjoyed at the Sekxual masterpiece he was conducting. “I think our boy learned a new word!”
Waves of tickling ecstasy pounded through Chidi’s body with each brush of Ijeoma’s tongue on his balls. He was having trouble expressing what he was feeling right that second—how her mouth was the most divine thing he had ever come in contact with, how her pretty face between his legs looked like the sweetest, most beautiful angel mankind had ever witnessed. She was expressing her love for him in the strangest way he could have imagined, and it felt perfect!
She was going way beyond their normal comfort zone, stepping into strange waters, taking risks for his pleasure and expecting no return. She was pleasing her lover in creative ways that he never knew she had in her. He didn’t know what she would want from him, but he felt appreciative and mesmerized at the thought of returning the favor.

To Be Continued…

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