Must Read: Once Upon A Corper (Season 2)… Episode 20

In the same scene as it was in the vision I had, the gun men were killing everyone
in sight at the voting centre. Esther, Busayomi and I had managed to run far away
when the shooting started.
Some minutes later, when the shooting had stopped, I came out from my hideout
and ran back to the voting center and what I saw were something I can’t describe
here (crys)
Later in the evening home, I met Seyi and Felicia in front of the house discussing
the experience of how they managed to escape the shooting. Immediately they
sighted me, they ran and gave me a big hug.
An hour later, (inside the room)
Felicia: Ola, tell me, who are you? And wait, why are you on an NYSC khaki?
Ola: Oh my God! Uche. I stood up and ran outside to open the door of his
apartment. Getting in, Uche was still sleeping peacefully on his bed.
Felicia and Seyi walked in too and they met Uche sleeping with only his boxers
and white singlet on him.
Get me a glass of cold water I asked of either of them but Felicia quickly
volunteered as she went out almost immediately. Some minutes later, Felicia came
in with a very cold bottle water. I walked over to where Uche is and ensured the
cold water gets to his mouth.
Some minutes later, he wakes up
Uche: Yawning. What is happening here?
Nobody answered.
Uche: Why are you all looking at me this way?
He looked up to Seyi then to Felicia then finally turned to me.
Uche: Ha! Oga Ola. How far na? What are you doing with my khaki shirt and
crested vest?
Ola: Cool down Uche. I actually did that to save your life and the life of that whom
you love (pointing to the three of them)
Felicia: Ola, how did you know that was going to happen?
Uche: Hey,hey, hey,guys! What’s happening? What happened? What’s the time?
(Checks his phone, see 12 missed calls, 3 messages and the time is 7.05pm)
Uche: what? 7.05pm? Why didn’t I go out for the election? (Stands up)
Ola: Uche, I am sorry I actually drugged you this morning!
All: what?

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