Must Read: Once Upon A Corper (Season 2)… Episode 22

The next day
The news of how gun men attacked several election centers filled the whole of Uyo
and according to reports, about 20 Corpers were killed while over 23 injured.
Therefore, they have been hospitalized at the state hospital. Ola had advised Seyi,
Uche, Felicia, Esther, Busayomi and some other corp members to start a protest
from all local government to the state government.
Different placards were seen being displayed by several Corp members such like
“stop killing our future leaders, “Corp members are not for elections”, “stop using
us for elections”, “Stop the blood shedding”, “Corp members are someone’s
child”, etc.
The protest were led by each coordinators of CDS and the protest were done round
the city of Akwa Ibom.
It was 5.55pm. The protest just ended at the state government office. Ola, Seyi,
Felicia and Uche were walking home after the long haul. They were chatting
happily when suddenly a car pull over just right beside them and four huge guys
came out of it. They openeded Ola forcefully inside the car and drove off.
Somewhere in the dark
Inside a room was Ola. He has been mercilessly beaten and tied to a chair. He
couldn’t figure who these people were.
Some minutes later, three huge guys came in
Chairman, oga Corper, at last. One of them said
I thought you were invincible, not knowing you are just an ordinary being. The
other one said
Who are you people? I managed to ask
Who are we? You will know soon
Just then the door opened

Ola Olowo that turned himself to Eze Obuchi. The man said
Who are you? I asked again
I am Chief Wilson. Your worst night mare
Watch out for the Season 3 of Once upon a Corper

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