Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 11


Written by Mohbaby…

I shoved the door open and entered my room. My taste buds were juicy already. I couldn’t wait to start eating. I settled down on my mattress and dug the first spoon into my mouth. I munched on it carefully. It tasted better than the other meals I had bought at Milk&Honey.

“Maybe because someone else paid for me” I said to myself and beamed. Feeling like a super victor.

I packed the remaining two plates into the fridge. That would serve as my food for like two days.

I unplugged my phone from the socket and was amazed it was 98% charged. I was surprised NEPA had brought light while I was gone for my phone to have charged to that extent.
I launched into my whatsapp and check few messages. I replied the few I could. I strolled down to the number that had texted me three days ago.

‘Gala guy’ I giggled as I laughed at the name I used to save his number. I tapped on my keyboard and punched in some messages. I read them again to be sure they were perfect for someone like him.

‘Hey gala guy, or should I call you a thief’

‘Am happy I paid you back 2day hmm? u think u are a game player right? I have showed you dis evening I am the game master’

‘I hope u weren’t too stranded. You shouldn’t b though. I luv ur suit by d way’

‘And wen am I gettin my tab and my foodstuffs back (that’s if you haven’t even finished dem’

After reading it and satisfied, I sent it and was amazed he was online as the messages were quickly delivered and ticked blue (signifying they’ve been read)

“So this guy hasn’t left his phone since the time I left that place. Chai! Maybe he’s even a yahoo guy sef. He looked rich na’ I said to myself as I fetched myself a glass of water from the dispenser.

Then the online status beneath his name changed to ‘typing’
Gala guy: what suit are you talking about? What do you mean by you showing me this evening you are a game master?, are you high on weed or something?’

Me: Stop all dis crap, just come out wit it nd tell me how u nearly cried.

Gala guy: Look babe, I don’t understand you.
Me: Weren’t you the guy I saw now now at Milk&Honey. Didn’t you pay?

I typed, careful not to shorten any word again since he also didn’t shorten his words.

‘Why is he even being formal online?’ I thought, narrowing my eyes in distaste.

Gala guy: Lol, You saw another person. I am not even in Ilorin now. I am in Lagos and won’t be back till weekend, that’s even why you haven’t collected your stuffs yet. So what guy?
What! What have I done to an innocent person?

‘Maybe he’s pretending jur. He wants to swag up as a guy.’ I scoffed and gave a lopsided laughter.

Me: Stop pretending. Egoism won’t get you anywhere
I replied and waited for his response.

‘Has he gone offline? I need his response to be double sure I didn’t play an innocent soul fa’ I said to myself in a typical Ilorin accent most students schooling in Kwara imbibed.

My feet tapped discrepantly against the floor as I went to get another glass of water. I came back to check my phone. He was already typing.

Gala guy: Young lady, am driving right now, so you’ve got to be fast. What guy are you talking about?

‘What! This guy is damn serious. What has he made me do?’ I almost screamed out loud enough for the whole hostel to gather at my door.

I decided to stop the online ‘saga’ and call him, at least, to be very sure. I dialed his number and waited for it to be picked. Light rippled like disturbed water from the window as I paced to and fro my room, waiting for the call to be picked.
‘Hello, is that the gala guy?’ I spoke into the mouthpiece when it was eventually picked.

‘Sorry? I am Femi by name! Why did you call again after I had told you I was driving?’

I rolled my eyes and thought of something to say. I experienced some stages of emotions raging from uncertainty to anger and then fear.

‘Look, jokes apart. I saw you at Milk&Honey restaurant this evening and…’

‘Me?’ I was interrupted by his voice which apparently itched to yell at me to go on.

‘Yes you. I mean the guy at your present dp’ I scoffed silently and chewed at my bottom lip as I thought of his next possible response.

‘Oh yes, I was there’ That was what I had expected him to say but was shocked to my bones when he gave his response.

‘Jeez. That wasn’t me. That was Kenny. My best friend. Well, you saw him and so what?’ My heart beat erratically against my chest as I trembled and dreaded coming out with what I had done. The situation was like a little girl scared to confess to her mom she stole some chocolate candies from the fridge.
I bit my lower lips and contemplated if I should tell him about  or not.

‘See, I thought the guy was you so I bought three packs of food and told the waiter that attended to me he would pay for the packs since I thought it was you and I.. See, just apologize to him for me okay? And get me my bag and tab ASAP!’ I spoke fast like I had memorized those lines. 
A dark cloud hovered over my head, souring my mood instantly.

‘What? How could you be so cruel? And how am I even supposed to get you your bag and this so called tab?’

‘Since you got my phone number without any stress, getting my address shouldn’t be difficult for you.’ I elicited a yelp in response and cut the call.

‘How could I have done to an innocent person?’ My heart lurched into my throat as I took in a feeling of guilt.

‘Besides, it was wrong for me to do that as a law student. What if it wasn’t successful and I had been caught?’ I shuddered against an internal cold when an image of me being detained in a cell crossed my mind.

I sat disgruntled upon the worn quilt of my bed. My phone rang out loud. I picked it angrily as I was determined to pour out my anger on him.

‘Femi or whatever you are called, you should be thinking of getting my stuffs across to me and not…’

‘Hello? Its Krishi’ Came a voice, smooth and lithe.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 4, 2016 — 3:46 pm

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