Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 12


Written by Mohbaby….

I glanced vehemently at the array of clothing spread upon the mattress, the dissonant pile of fabrics mocking me where it rested. It seemed the clothing were ignoring my inability to make a decision, even after an hour of staring hopelessly at my outfits of choice.

I smacked some balls of chin-chin into my mouth and savoured the delicious taste. They were the only thing that could satisfy my cravings for fried snacks to munch on.  I was tired of just staring at my clothes without knowing what to wear for the date.

Yeah, surprised?

Krishi had actually called to apologize and ask for a makeup date. It wasn’t like there was a break up or anything but he said he just wanted to make up for the embarrassment he had caused me at his house on his birthday. He also said it was an absolute necessity due to the fact that his family hadn’t been happy with him and had insisted he made up with her before forgiving him for treating ‘a poor girl’ like a nobody.
The better news was that he had requested for my account number and had transferred fifty thousand naira for the balance of the work I had done to the faces of both mother and daughter. I was actually expecting twenty thousand though. I was more than happy because I would be able to settle all my debts, buy beautiful clothes I had always wanted to buy and of course send some money to my sister in Lagos. Ademide.

The date was the next night and I was preparing for what to wear.

‘I just hope this guy doesn’t mean anything more than a makeup date o, me I don’t even have time for any guy and I don’t want to get married and tie myself down to any man. I just want to be a single mother’ I thought as showers of water dripped down my body as I took a cold bathe in my bathroom. I changed into a light short top and pink pajamas. I packed my hair into my hairnet and cleaned my face with my facial wipes. I was always careful of sleeping with my makeup on.

‘It’s not advisable’ so they say.

I moved the dresses on my bed and hung them on my plastic chair. I laid on my bed and thought of how the following night would be.

‘How will I face him, what will we talk about, what, what and what questions kept finding their ways into my heart. I shoved aside the unanswered questions and heaved a sigh. I turned on my side and slowly closed my eyes. My brain was muddled with sleep.


The alarm rang through into my brains, I cursed within and managed to stand up. I stretched my hands and rubbed my eyes. It was cold.

I switched off the annoying alarm. It was just 6:00am. I parted the window blinds to see an empty street.

‘Typical Ilorin city’ I muttered. It was unlike Lagos whereby at 6:00am, hundreds of heads would troop in and out of the street in search of what to eat and how to make ends meet. Those ‘psycho’ drivers would already be blaring their horn like their lives depended on it; petty traders would already be out arranging their stocks and calling on anyone who cared to listen to patronize them.

‘Crazy Lagos, the city of madness’ I laughed.

In no time, I was already set to go to the PS(Permanent site) campus. I got to school around 7:52am. My first lecture was to start by 8:00am so I wasn’t late. I got to the lecture hall and settled down. Some students were already in class. Some gisting, some buried into their books reading and some just freestyling.

I shivered as the effect of the morning cold blew in greatly. I rubbed my knuckles gently as if that would chase away the cold. My body numbed with cold. I just rolled my eyes and kept looking like a red raccoon.

Suddenly,heavy torrents of rain poured out from the already dark  clouds. I shrieked as I wrapped my body with my arms and shivered. Then, my mind went to the date again. No doubt I was anxious like a teenage girl going on a date with her new boyfriend.


To Be Continued….

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Updated: Dec 4, 2016 — 9:17 pm

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