Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 13


Written by Mohbaby.

‘Thank you.’

‘So, what would you like to have?’ He asked. His voice was a legion of sinister voices.

A chuckle rasped past my lips when I remembered my vow not to get married. I was just drooling over for nothing, I knew it.

‘Just a bowl of salad’ I said as I gulped nervously my glass of wine.

‘Salad?’ he asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘Yeah, salad’

‘I love salads too, infact, that’s my favourite’

‘Wow, that means we share the same favourite’ I smiled and he smiled back. Then I smiled again and it was returned with a wink.

We talked from food to family to business to life generally. We talked almost about everything. I just didn’t tell him I had lost my mom. I also noticed he didn’t ask me about my relationship life neither did he talk about his. I was glad he also didn’t ask about my religion or church palava. I just listened to him talk while I pouted my lips and crossed my arms, offering some statements and cracking a few jokes where necessary. He was actually the chatty type.

He was a banker. Working at First bank in Ilorin. He had been working at Ibadan but was moved by his branch to come head a department in the bank’s branch in Ilorin. I was surprised when I got to know he didn’t live with his parents. Well, It was expected, what grown man at twenty-six would live with his parent.

‘You are very beautiful Moh right?’

I nodded and popped my lips.

‘I love the smokey eye effect you have going on there. It makes your eyes pop out, it looks kind of natural and erotic. Well, if that makes any sense’ He smiled lopsidedly, clasping his hands together in a way that seemed funny and made me laugh.

I was enjoying the date. It was a mixture of nerves and excitement.

‘So how old are you? You know my age already and I don’t know yours, that’s not fair’ He said in a manner that could draw pity and he sure earned gales of laughter from me.

I was about answering the question when a sharp pain pierced my heart.

That only meant a simple thing and that was something I was allergic to as an asthmatic patient.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:43 pm

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