Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 13


Written by Mohbaby.

I gestured to my shimmering dark skin and beautiful rippling emerald chiffon dress that flowed to my legs and left my shoulders bare. The light gold coloured fabric was smooth under my fingers; it felt like pure silk against my skin, giving me an hourglass shape. My breasts were pushed up against each other, making them look a little fuller than usual. I showed no cleavage though but I looked elegant. I wouldn’t want ‘an arrogant redhead’ to look down on me by wearing something too plain and simple.

Sometimes, you’ve got to look classy even if you are not. I mean, show some class and earn some respect. You would almost jump out of your skin with glee when you’ve got those feelings of all eyes being on you.

My make up added a pleasant touch to the ensemble. I concealed my nose and most importantly, my lips so they looked medium sized and finely shaped. My clutch was caramel like and very beautiful. My hair was extremely curled neatly to the side. I felt pretty and whatnot.

I gave myself one last look at the mirror and I knew I was good to go to one of the best hotels in the city of Ilorin.


The wind caressed my hair as I made my way inside the restaurant of the hotel. I could tell I felt like slipping and falling as eyes turned to look at the person who had those shoes clicking against the tiled floor. I breathed in three times and just continued taking tentative steps to nowhere in particular. I nearly choked as I struggled to keep balance so as not to wobble down and earn myself a public disgrace.

‘That crazy nervousness you get on first dates’ I uttered indistinctly with a low voice.

And then, I saw him already sitting down and ordering his meal. The waitress left and he looked up and then I asked myself for the umpteenth time if I was actually ready.
‘Moh, It’s never too late to make a u turn and flee’ said a velvet thought under my breathe as I caught his gaze. His glittering eyes swept down my physique. His lips curled upwards, flashing his teeth in a smile.

‘Is this the same mean Krishi guy?’ I asked myself as I eventually got to the seat, facing that same Krishi. His face was mouth watering; he had a perfect chiseled shaped jaw that made me drool at that spot, his Adam’s apple bobbed up seductively as he gulped. He was staring at me with dark predatory eyes.

Humour etched into his expression, his eyebrows rose as he offered me a seat. He ordered for one more glass of wine.
‘Why hadn’t he order for two? Dint he know I was coming?’ I muttered silently as I drilled into his eyes and drinking his aromatic cologne.

‘Hey, am glad you made it’ He finally said, raising his brows which were elegantly arched.


‘Am really sorry for the other day, I didn’t mean to be rude, I was just pissed at my mother for…’ His minty breathes brushed past my cheekbones, fanning them lightly. There was something deliciously canal about him. A shuddered breathe escaped my lips and I managed to speak.

‘You don’t have to explain for the second time, it’s cool’
‘And happy birthday in arrears’ I said and smiled at the handsome young man before me. He was very cute with well groomed hair, beards and moustache. He had lovely set of teeth and a great height. He looked amazing and was capable of sweeping every lady off her feet. Just that, he was mannerless, rude and arrogant.

What a waste!

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:26 pm

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