Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 15


Written by Mohbaby…

A Toyota corolla steadily made its way into oceanic view hostel. I don’t think I have mentioned the hostel I stayed. That was the name.


I saw him walk to my door, dressed in a deep coffee brown T-shirt that was slightly opened in the chest and gray coloured sweat pants. He had on a black kind of bad boy’s cap. He looked devilishly handsome as always.

I was happy to see him. I quickly unlocked the door and offered him into my room. I was already set to go out with him. He scrutinized me well, he nodded pleasingly and smiled.

To be candid, I didn’t know how I had charmed me, anytime I looked at myself, I still saw the plain self I was. I was nothing near beautiful. I wondered how I attracted a handsome young man. Being friends with him boosted my self esteem. I can’t deny how I felt within the short period of time I had known him. Self confident, self assured and more positive. I looked at him from his head to his toe. He caught my gaze and grinned. I looked away, I hadn’t meant to stare. I swallowed hard.
‘What must he think of me now that he caught me’ I wondered.

‘A minute please’ I mumbled and gave a humorous smile. I turned around from him, not wanting to show him how he had a special effect on me.

I went to the mirror to look at myself. Silence filled the room, I looked at him with the corner of my eyes and caught him sizing up my room.

I put some finishing touches to my light make up and adjusted my stunning yellow hibiscus inspired dress completely bare on the back, low cut on the front, showing a little cleavage. It was skimpy in length, showing my thighs-Sekxy voluptuous thighs as once described by Mide. He came behind me and smiled. I saw him right from the mirror.

‘Nice make up’ He butted in and gave a wink.
‘Doesn’t he know more than winking?’ I thought as I made an eyeroll.
‘Thank you’. I sighed, and then plastered a smile on my face. He encircled me in his arms. Heat was already blazing my cheeks.

‘What is he doing?’ I thought. I just stood there, staring at myself engulfed in the arms of a prince charming. I was tongue-tied.
I straightened myself up and turned to look at him. His muscular chest met my face. The strong built of his chest down to his abdomen was apparently and proudly shown off by his brown tight fitting top.

‘Gosh, what a distracting obstruction!’

I tried my best to blot his masculinity out of my mind. I breathed hard and stated emphatically.

‘Can we get going now?’ I said in a matter-of-fact tone.
But he was still there, not attempting to make a movement anytime soon and I couldn’t even read his expression. They seemed blank.

I pouted my mouth and twitched them as I struggled to open my lips to say something. I just had to say something but what was I going to say? I had already told him we could go now but he just wouldn’t budge.

He looked up into my eyes and gulped. His perfectly shaped nose sent a message of his nobility. His lips were masculine, small but cherry red (Not pink though). His jawline was contoured perfectly, emphasizing the beauty of his face. I started feeling uneasy, and my ears began to feel some prickling heat.

Then he did what I never ever imagined to happen.

He lowered his head to my height and claimed my lips in his. He began to caress my lips slowly with tender nrushes  of his. I laggardly closed my eyes for I didn’t know what else to do or react. I kissed him back ferociously. His lips were sweet yet demanding. He pushed me to the wall as he continued to assault my mouth with debauched kisses. He touched my face with his soft hands. Wherever he touched, he left perilous flames behind. His hands dutifully found the perfect fit to encircle my waist tightly so that I was closely crushed to his sturdy chest.

It suddenly dawned on me I was being taken advantage of. I needed to do something, to resist the freaking temptation for I couldn’t trust myself any longer and I wouldn’t like to do anything I would regret. The courage came from nowhere and I found myself pushing him away from my body.

‘Get out!’ I said frankly. All the hatred I had buried for men into a cold somber grave rushed back to my system as I stared at him deadly and yelled again.

‘I said, out!’

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 6, 2016 — 9:01 pm

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