Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 16


Written by Mohbaby….

I wondered why it was always good to sleep after crying a river of tears. I had cried myself to sleep the previous night. What happened completely chopped my heart into bits. I hadn’t plan for such a night at all and I was sure Krishi wasn’t expecting what happened.

He didn’t call me, neither did I call him. We also didn’t chat that evening. When I told him to get out of my room, he had givem ,e an icy insensible stare as though something was wrong with me. His stares were like daggers thrown directly to my very heart and soul. He had seen my reaction when he had kissed me and how I had seemed to enjoy it by kissing him back. I guess he didn’t know what to do. I also didn’t fathom a reason I kicked him out of my room till I thought about it as I took off my dress and wiped off the makeup. I sighed. There wasn’t an iota of sign he was going to call me.

‘He trespassed, how could he take advantage of me simply because he promised to support me. We’ve barely known each other for a week’ I cringed, crawling into my bed. I tucked myself into my worn duvet and continued thinking.

He surprised me to a really considerable degree. Though, with the way he spoke and cared for me, I sensed a hint of meekness and surrender which were very unusual of the aggressive, rude and arrogant Krishi that Gabrielle I had explained him to be and I for one had seen the other day at Mrs Kura’s house.

‘Or was he pretending to be nice just to be intimate with me?’
‘Maybe he loves me so much that he couldn’t control his emotions’ I concluded as tears started to swell in the corner of my eyes.

I didn’t even know what to think anymore, I could not help to erase him out of my mind that night. I just slept on the bed and wondered what was really happening to me.


I had my palms on my ears. It was something like 7:30am.  Who the heck wakes up so early in the morning to play a music this loud. And why on earth was the person playing my ringtone?
Chandelier by Sia.

The music stopped after a while and I was happy I could go back to sleep. As I tried to shut my eyes, the music started all over again.

‘Please stop that music!’ I screamed out through the window, I was sure whosoever was playing that music would stop and possibly get a life.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 7, 2016 — 6:22 pm

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