Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 17


Written by Mohbaby….

The music seemed to be getting louder and louder that it would burst my brains anytime soon. I opened an eye and peeped at the device on my bed. It was actually my phone.
I sat up and cut the call. Then, went back to sleep.
It started ringing again.

‘Hello!’ I spoke as I picked the call with irritation evident in my voice.

‘Good morning miss. Why do you sound so frustrated on the morning of a new month?’ a deep voice asked.

‘Oh, its September already?’ I asked as I yawned loudly.
‘Hmm. Yes. Happy new month. May God grant all your heart desires this month’

I angrily looked at my phone to check the i.d. It was the gala guy. I made a quick mental chatter so I would remember the real name again but I didn’t. I didn’t want to call him ‘the gala guy’ as it would sound offensive on the morning of a new month.

‘Hello! Are you there?’
‘Oh, yes I am.’

‘You didn’t even say an amen to my prayer’

‘What exactly did you call me for? Are you now ready to release my stuffs to me?’

‘Don’t make it sound like I seized them or I committed a crime rescuing them. As a lawyer in the making, you should be able to …’

‘It’s okay please, don’t talk me to death’

‘Very funny, anyway. I got into the city of Ilorin last night and I would gladly like to give you back your stuffs’
‘Unilorin  gate. 11:00am this morning’ I said and hung up the phone, not waiting for his reply.

The incidence of last night flashed to my mind. I couldn’t say I was happy about the kiss I got from him, yet I couldn’t say I was sad.

Have you been in a mind confusing situation? You should understand what and how I felt. I just didn’t know what to feel.


‘Are you the guy in a cream shirt, red bow tie and black plane trousers?’ I asked as I looked at the figure I had described from a distance.

‘It’s a white shirt, not cream’ he declared.
‘Whatever, please where are my stuffs’

‘Oh. I forgot them’ He said pretentiously. I just stared at him and I guess he knew I didn’t buy the white lie.

‘Don’t be ridiculous, did you come to give me your head instead?’

He wheezed out laughter. I could see his teeth opened widely to everyone who was willing to have a look.

‘Please cross over to where I am. I am right in front of my car and your stuffs are inside my car’ He blurted out.

I watched him end the call and looked at another direction. He hadn’t seen him. I crossed the road to the side the Unilorin gas station was and tapped him.

‘I eventually got the chance to meet you again’ He spoke as his eyes gazed at me intently.

‘Well, you did. Am Femi’ he announced as he stretched up to his full height and rubbed his hands together in an excited gesture. I took my time to scrutinize him well. He was tall as well but not anything close to Krishi.

He was darker and had a cleft chin in which there was an odd angle to. There was a tiny scar above his left eyebrows. He was lean and skinny. He apparently didn’t have broad shoulders. He just looked plain but he wasn’t all that bad.

‘Am Moh. My stuffs please?’ I said, giving him a sarcastic grin.


I got to my room at around 4:30pm. I retrieved my tab from the bag I had collected from Mr. Femi and dropped the rest which contained foodstuffs at the kitchen. I picked out a blue coloured tied nylon bag and stared at it. I didn’t remember packing any foodstuff into a blue nylon bag so how come it was there. I untied it to check. They contained the undies I had packed and new set of undies. I heaved a sigh and picked my phone.

‘Please, what’s with you and undies?’ I typed and sent it to Femi.

I fixed something for myself and ate. I was bored after eating that I just stared up at the ceilings of my room. it was then I noticed some had holes.

‘Should I go to his house?’ I questioned within myself. He was the only one I could think of that could eliminate my boredom. I didn’t have friends I could have gone to.

‘He won’t be at home now, it’s not yet his closing hour so it’s a bad idea going to his house’ I concluded and fell on my bed to think of a better idea.

‘Maybe I should just try my luck’ I said, picking up my side bag and slipping on my white flip flops.

I dashed out of my room with rays of hope in my heart.
‘Maybe, just maybe I’ll be lucky to meet him at home’.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 7, 2016 — 9:11 pm

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