Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 3


Written by Mohbaby…

It was Friday and that meant I would finish my lectures early. My lecturers, who were mostly Muslims wouldn’t joke with their Jumat or whatever they devoted some hours on Friday to. It sounded so crazy to me because I knew they were wasting their time praying to the so called Allah who only existed in their minds and not in reality.

As for me, I knew and was very sure there wasn’t any Jesus Christians scream about neither was any God somewhere or Allah. Everything just existed simply because of Nature people failed to understand and never would.

I scrambled down the assignment Barr. Bori hurriedly gave to us before he left the class. It wasn’t really an assignment anyway; it was a case he wanted to treat.

Not just any case but a Murder case!

I was already concluding we wouldn’t visit the Mute court that semester when this weird Barrister Bori came up with this silly murder case.

Yeah and have I mentioned the full meaning of his name? Well, it might interest you to know the full meaning of Barr. Bori was ‘BORIOGUNESULAYEMI’

‘Mehn! Who bears that in this century?’ I would always ask anytime he wrote down his name for students who always got the spellings wrong. And another weird thing was that he wouldn’t want any student misspell his ridiculous name.


I heaved a sigh of blessed relief and started walking to the park. I needed to go to my hostel and pack some few clothes I would be taking to Lagos for the weekend. I had called Mummy Janet, a middle aged woman who operated a business call center a stone throw away from our house to please tell Middy for me I would be coming home. I  bet the latter would grin like anything at her school today. It really would be goodness for her.

Poor Middy.

I branched at the university complex, collected the passport photographs I had snapped on Wednesday and quickly bought Pringles and two bottles of chilled sobo for myself and my sister. Who buys that home for a sister? But that was what I could afford.

I hastened my steps to the park before it was crowded and quickly got into one of the shuttles heading to MFM. It would be easier to get a bike going to Challenge that way.
In no time, i alighted and waited for few minutes before getting a bike going to challenge at #80 naira. The bike riders I had seen charged me at ridiculous prices. The others who still managed to listen to my complaints about the price turned me down and said they were going to GRA(An area in Ilorin only the rich students of ‘Alhajis’ and Rich icons stayed).

The bike rider stopped in front of my hostel and I quickly got down from his bike. I didn’t know how I had even survived being there for ten minutes. The old looking sweater and head warmer he was wearing smelt terrible. Like they hadn’t been washed for years. I quickly paid him off and went into my hostel, greeting hostel mates I met on my way.

I retrieved my spare key under the foot mat and unlocked the padlock. I walked inside the room and landed on the bed. I was damn tired!

I quickly went to the kitchen I shared with some students in my wing and cooked noodles. I needed to take something with the sobo I had bought and I was sure noodles would do.
I came back to my room, packed about three tops, a denim trouser and am skirt into a small travel bag. I also packed some necessary stuffs. My eyes went to the big wall clock hung on the wall and I knew if I wasn’t going to die in the heavy traffic in Ogbomosho not to talk of Lagos, I needed to leave with immediate effect. I cancelled the thought of visiting sister Felicia in Ibadan since it was getting late. I hastily ate my noodles and packed my hair up to make a messy bun. I carried the bag I had arranged my stuffs in outside. I bid my hostel mates goodbye and locked the door.

‘Lagos, Here I come’ I muttered silently under my breath.

To Be Continued…

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