Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 5


Written by Mohbaby…

It was Saturday morning, I rolled to the other side of the bed only to touch Middy. The latter was snoring real bad. I huffed and stood up. I sighted A white Bible beside Mide and hissed. Even a snake would have thought I was a brother to it. I picked the Bible angrily and flung it away. it landed on the floor and ended turning upside down. I bothered less.

I wasn’t frustrated, So don’t think I was because of the way Madam Chinyere slapped and tore my beautiful designer top I had saved money up for and managed to buy.

I guess you don’t want to know the justice I did to her and her daughters that tried stopping me from revenging.

Dad got home late so I haven’t heard it from him yet.

I adjusted the curtain slowly in order to make early morning sunlight stream into the room. I shoved away the particles of light that made its way in with the sun rays.
I noticed I couldn’t find my brush where it had been carefully kept. I could remember using it to clean up before sleeping last night.

I made a quick mental note to come back and look for it critically.

“Morning dad” I said curtly as I hurriedly brushed past him to avoid early word dash. He scrutinized me and shook his head.
he eyed me and finally cleared his throat to speak. I smirked and laughed silently. I considered his actions girly and feminine. I mean, what kind of man eyes? It looked so girly that I just couldn’t help but to make a silent laughter.

“So all you’ve learnt in school only to come home and display is to fight right? Look here young lady, I won’t allow that in my own house and if care is not taken, I repeat if care is not taken, I will never allow you step a foot into my house!” He barked, his voice had risen a few octaves when he saw me rolling my eyes. 
The truth is, I was disgusted at him. He didn’t even hear the side of my story before concluding the fault was mine.

I looked at him well to see if that was really my dad but all I saw was fury. He was just being judgmental and I hated it. Before mom died, He had been caring and approachable but I don’t know what demon took over him.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 1, 2016 — 4:33 pm

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