Must Read: Red Night (True Life Story)… Part 6


Written by Mohbaby…

Anyway, It was expected.
I went to the kitchen to check if anything was cooking. It wasn’t even like I would eat any food cooked by ‘Chinwere’ the mad woman and her daughters. Anytime I was back at home, It had become a normal routine for me to cook a different meal for just by sister and I.

I hissed when I saw Amanda in the kitchen mixing a white substance with Cornflakes. I laughed and walked to her.
‘I hope that isn’t salt you are adding to it. You know how much of a terrible Cook your mother has turned you into.’  With that, I turned and started walking to my room.

I stopped when I noticed she wasn’t making any attempt to retort. The look on her face was like she knew what she was doing. Nevertheless, I was still feeling myself I had given her a wonderful shot that morning. It was a 2-1 and I was proud of myself.

I returned back to my room and met Ademide praying. I was reddened with anger. Which god did she think she was praying to?
I noticed my light green Angola toothbrush was back on the table where I had left it. I picked it and took a toothpaste also. I pressed some gel on my brush and went to the bathroom to brush. In no time I was done brushing. I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for myself and Middy. I noticed the small store where our foodstuffs were was locked.

‘When did this igbo yam eaters start locking this store again?’ I wondered and started walking out of the kitchen when a giggling Amanda approached me, shaking a key in the air.

‘Looking for this?’ She asked amidst laughter, proudly showing her brown teeth like they were sparkling whites.

‘Well, Before you start wondering too much on why you had troubles locating your toothbrush this morning, that’s even if you noticed it was missing, I used it to help our dog have clean teeth’

I was stunned because I had hardly registered what Amanda had said when I heard a loud scream from the kitchen’s door
Amanda turned back to have a look at who it was.

We both faced a shocked and surprised Mide!

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 1, 2016 — 8:42 pm

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