Must Read: Saints, Sinners And Stag (18+)… Part 16

A Story Written By Stag…
Wake up, Segi’ she heard from far away. Before she opened her eyes, she felt a wave of shame wash over her. Had she just had S£x in her dreams? Would Derin be able to tell? Does this mean she had cheated on her husband?
‘Segilola, WAKE UP!’ he yelled again

‘Derin’ she answered, faking a groggy voice ‘What is it?’ she said

‘What were the sounds you were making?’ he asked

‘Me? Sounds?’ she responded, surprised that he’d heard her because Derin was usually a deep sleeper

‘If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were having S£x in your dreams.’ he stated frankly.
‘What kind of joke is that?’ she responded ‘Am I so starved that I would be having S£x in my dream?’ she asked him angrily, upset that he had almost nabbed her. Segilola was determined to stick to her lies. This was really embarrassing.

‘You should be able to tell me if you are having S£x in your dreams, Segi’ said Derin softly, as though speaking to one who had deep rooted problems.

‘I’m not!’ She said, angrily. ‘Is this why you woke me up?’ she yelled angrily
‘Ok. I’m sorry’ he said, embarrassed that he had brought it up, maybe he was the one imagining things. But he was sure he’d heard her. He was sure!

‘Whatever’ she said as she angrily got out of bed

‘Is that why you are angry?’ he asked, surprised. Why was she so upset?

‘Derin, leave me alone! Do you know how embarrassed I am right now?’ she asked agitated as she walked over to the dresser, holding its edge.

‘I said sorry’ he said as he repeated his apology again.

‘I’ve heard you’ she said as she walked out of the room.
Derin sighed, wondering about what had happened. He knew his wife’s sounds didn’t he? He decided to shrug it off just the same time his phone beeped. It was a text from Oyinda.
‘Hey Pastorman, thanks for yesterday.’ she texted

‘You are welcome’ He replied, smiling. He remembered how she had made him feel last night and had the circumstances been right, he knew what he would have done. Derin admitted to himself that he really liked this girl and was sure that this ‘thing’ could be a big mistake if the friendship went on unchecked.
‘Can I have your bbm pin? I want to send you a really nice picture that I took of you yesterday’ she texted again

‘Of course’. He said as he sent his pin with the message’

Soon after, he got an invite and he knew it was from her.
*Oyin: Yo Pastorman*

*Derin: Hello*

*Oyin: So, how was your night*

*Derin: So so*

*Oyin: What does so so mean?*

*Derin: Means I either don’t want to answer or don’t want to lie*

*Oyin: Why don’t you want to answer?*

*Derin: Don’t know, awkward I guess*

*Oyin: Why?*

*Derin: I don’t know*

*Oyin: Boring Pastorman. Lol. Won’t you ask how my night was?*

*Derin: How was your night?*

*Oyin: Lmao! I can just imagine you saying that and rolling your eyes at the same time*

*Derin: Lol! I didnt*

*Oyin: Swear*

*Derin: I can’t, I’m a pastor man, or what is it you call me again?*
*Oyin: Pastormen don’t swear?*

*Derin: No, we don’t. Anyway, how was your night*

*Oyin: Ah, Derin, it was a hard night*

*Derin: Hmmm, why?*

*Oyin: Guess?*

*Derin: Dunno. U tell me. Why?*

*Oyin: Because of you*

*Derin: Me? How?*

*Oyin: Have you forgotten how you left me last night, melting in my own pool?*

*Derin: Errrm*

*Oyin: Errm what? Tell me you did not feel it too*

*Derin: Hmmm*

*Oyin: Anyway, when I kept seeing you in my dreams, refusing to fulfil my desires, I had to sort myself out*

*Derin: You did? How?* 

*Oyin: I’m not saying anything until you answer one question*

*Derin: what question is that?*

*Oyin: Am I the only one who felt the way I did yesterday?*

*Derin: Honestly, no. I felt it too*
*Oyin: I knew it*

*Derin, so why did you ask*

*Oyin, just to be sure. But u’re lucky. At least Pastor Mrs there for you*

*Derin: Lol. if only you knew*

*Oyin: What? Pastormen dont get jiggy?*

*Derin: I wanted something else*

*Oyin: Awwwh, I’d take that as a compliment. Anyway, I had to use my little piece of happy rabbit*

*Derin: Whats a happy rabbit?*

*Oyin: Figure it out*
*Derin: Ohhh I get!!!! You own one of those?*

*Oyin: Yup. Are you surprised*

*Derin: I actually am. Didn’t think I knew anyone who had one. Why do you have one in the first place?*

*Oyin: To sort myself out. You really dont want to know what else I have. I should introduce you to ALL my friends*

*Derin: What friends?*

*Oyin: The things that make me happy when I’m alone*

*Derin: Masturbation is a sin*

*Oyin: Okay, I don’t want to masturabate again, will you help me?*

*Derin: Lol. I see what you are doing, Oyinda*
*Derin: Oyin, I’m married*

*Oyin: That isn’t in contest. Is it?*

*Derin: We can only be platonic friends*

*Oyin: I’m not sure I’ve asked for more. I’m okay with being friends. Let me send you the picture*
Derin was so impressed when he saw the picture. This had to be the best photo of himself that he had ever seen. He looked happy and carefree by the lagoon front. He had not even known when the photo had been taken. The happiness that shone out of his eyes was indescribable.
*Derin: PING*

*Oyin: Yo!*

*Derin: Wow! That is quite a pic! I love it. I’m using it for my dp right now!*

*Oyin: I love the pic too, was considering using it as my dp*

*Derin: It really is a good picture Oyin. You can make some good money out of your photography here*

*Oyin: Shooting weddings? I’d pass. I’m not interested in that type of photography. I like real pictures like this one. See how happy and at one with nature you seemed?*

*Derin: Yeah, I looked really happy*

*Oyin: I have that effect on people*

*Derin: You definitely have that effect on me* he typed, smiling as his wife entered, holding her phone.
Derin stiffened up, remembering that their last conversation had not gone too well. Strangely enough, she did not look angry anymore
‘D.H, I love your dp!, that is such a nice picture!” exclaimed Segi.

‘Thanks S.H’ he said smiling, relieved that she had not come to continue the fight

‘I have not seen it before. Wait, isn’t that yesterday’s outfit?’ she asked, observant as always

‘It is’ said Derin, getting uncomfortable. He already knew that this won’t end well.

‘Oh, it’s a really nice picture. Where is this location and who took the picture?’ she asked still enlarging the picture on her phone, admiring the play of shades and light

‘Oyinda Robert’ he said, looking away ‘at the Lagoon front in Unilag’ he finished off, still looking away as though it should not really matter who had taken the picture.
‘I don’t understand.’ said Segilola, who really didn’t understand

‘I had to take her there for some shooting’ he explained

‘I still don’t get.’ said Segi, who was purposely being obtuse. She needed him to see that he had crossed the line.

‘She’s my friend and I helped her with transportation’ explained Derin mildly

‘You helped her with transportation. Are there no more taxis in Lagos? How about buses? Oh isn’t her father a rich man? Is this why she gifted you a car? Pastor Derin?’ she asked, reeling off question after question. Her anger was not in doubt.
‘Segi’ said Derin trying to calm her down, but Segi was not having it.
‘Derin, you know me oh, Derin you know me. I’m not stupid at all. When did she become your friend? Is she not a fellowship member? You people have started organising personal picnics at romantic spots right? Is this why you did not eat any meal at home yesterday? And came back late? All because of your friend, Oyinda. Did your lover bring you food again?’ asked Segi in a very stern voice, her anger shining out of her eyes. Segilola Hughes was poised for war.
‘When you put it like that it sounds wrong, but trust me that’s not what happened’ responded Derin calmly. ‘We didn’t have anything planned out, to be honest’ he said, trying to show his wife that he was innocent.

‘”We”! Oh, I see. So the both of you are now an item?’ she asked, still mad.

‘Not really, let me t…..’ he started, but was interrupted by the door bell

‘Let the person go away, continue I’m listening’ said Segi, determined to conclude the matter at once

‘When I left the house yesterday, I went to the office and she called me to m……..’ it was the bell again, more insistent than the other time. It seemed like the person was not giving up.
‘Hold on, Aderinola Hughes. We will trash this out once I can send the nuisance at the door away’ said Segi as she walked out of the room.

Derin sighed because he did not want any issues. He heard his phone ping again, it was Oyinda who was sending more pictures of him and one that he had taken of her. He smiled before he remembered that she was the cause of his current troubles.
Segilola marched militantly towards the front door, full of anger, muttering under her breath

‘Who is this person who cannot stay in his house or give me peace this morning?’ she asked angrily as she removed the key from its spot where it was hanging and opened the door in anger. Her searing hot anger simmered the moment she opened the door and saw who was standing there.
It was Keppy, the man who had Forked her brains out in her dreams.
‘Good morning ma. Pastor Hughes asked me to resume today’ he said, smiling innocently.
Segi could not hear his words for she was lost, looking into those soulful eyes. How was she ever going to cope with having this man around her? What should she do? She was hot and flustered already.

To Be Continued…

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