Must Read: Saints, Sinners And Stag (18+)… Part 21

A Story Written By Stag…

Segi woke up startled. Something had woken her up, she could feel it in her bones, she knew something was not quite right. But, what was it? Segilola looked around her room. She had only planned to nap for about twenty minutes, why did it feel as though she had slept for longer. She checked her bedside clock and knew that indeed, she had been asleep for too long.
It was already 11.15pm at night. She wondered if Derin had purposely left her to sleep after he had come in and so she got up in search of her husband. Rather than meet her husband in the living room, she met Keppy sprawled on their three seater sofa in deep sleep. Segi watched him sleep for half a second and went into the kitchen to look for her husband, but he was nowhere to be found.
She then peeked out of the window to check for his vehicle in the compound and was alarmed when the car was still not there. Did this mean that Derin was not back? She hoped he was okay. Segilola sat on one of the sofas as she tried his cell phone number, but it was switched off. she looked at Keppy’s sleeping form and contemplated waking him, when she decided that she had to know if her husband had been home, she knew she had no choice but to wake him up
‘Keppy, keppy’ she said as she tapped him, but no luck. This guy slept like a log of wood she thought to herself

‘Keppy’ she called again, tapping him a bit harder, but no luck. It was not until she gave him a hard smack on his back that Keppy roused.

‘Ouch, what did I do?’ he asked as he rubbed his stinging back, springing to full wakefulness all at once
‘Is Derin back?’ she asked ‘Did you see him when he came?’

‘No. I’m not aware that he came back. I decided to take a nap because I did not want to leave your apartment unlocked and I felt it would be forward of me to come into your room to wake you up’ said Keppy

‘That’s okay. I’ve been trying his phone but no luck’ said Segi, who was very concerned about her husband’s whereabouts. ‘Why don’t you try his phone while I go and ask the gateman if he came in at all’

Within a few minutes, she was back in the house, very perplexed. Derin never stayed out later that 9.30pm, it was already 11.45p.m
‘What do you think we should do, Keppy?’ she asked

‘Shall we call his friends? Maybe some of the Pastors that he went to that fellowship with. We need to be sure that they aren’t on some evangelical mission or the other’ suggested Keppy

‘Yes. Let me call Akintunde’ she said as she picked her phone and walked out of the living room. Keppy sat in anxiety, hoping that Derin was okay. He didn’t want to leave this family on the first day that he’s started working with them.
‘Keppy, Akin said Derin left as soon as they’d finished. Unfortunately Akin is on the Isalnd, about to start a prayer session, he has sent one of his friends over to us to stay here’ said Segi, who was on the verge of tears now.

‘Do you think you can still make it home, Keppy?’ she asked, desperately hoping he would not leave her to be by herself. She knew that her mind would begin to think the worst if she was left alone.

‘Even if I could. I would never leave you to be by yourself at such a time as this. Relax, your husband would be fine Ma’ he said reassuringly

‘Thanks Keppy. I hope so’ said Segilola who burst into tears.
As soon as she started crying, Keppy pulled her into a warm embrace and tried to calm her down.

‘Please don’t cry, don’t cry’ he crooned as he held her close ‘he would be fine. There is nothing wrong with him’ he said, in a low, calm tone, over and over again. Segilola was surprised because she was suddenly calm and found that she stopped crying, however, she still leant in to Keppy’s strong, warm embrace. She could not believe that he felt just like she had dreamt. It was just the same hard, warm wall of muscle that she leant her head on. She could hear his heart thudding and knew that at least, there was somebody here with her.
The both of them jumped apart, startled by a knock on the door. Segi hurriedly opened the door, expecting to see her husband. Unfortunately it was not Derin, it was Akintunde’s Pastor friend. He lived in the neighbourhood after introducing himself, let her know that he had only come to pray with her. As soon as he stepped in, he looked at Keppy in a strange way
‘Good evening, I’m Wale Aluko, a Pastor too. Akin said Derin is missing?’ he said, but before Segi could answer in the affirmative, he ordered ‘Let us Pray. Madam, please find something to cover your head’.
As the prayers commenced, Segi noted that Pastor Aluko kept on binding and casting principalities and power and he kept invoking the power of heaven to keep the couple together. At a pout, he saw a vision and went quietly still, only groaning, saying yes, yes, yes, yes. As soon as the prayers were over, he had his first, real conversation with Segi.

To Be Continued…

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