Must Read: Saints, Sinners And Stag (18+)… Part 6

A Story Written By Stag…

Cocooned in the back seat of her chauffeur driven car, Adesua pondered on the sound advice that the Pastor had given her. She liked this Pastor Derin, he was a true man of God, he was also empathic and she could tell that he felt her pains. He had reminded her of how God had transformed the heart of Saul to Paul. She was glad that Pastor Derin had made no attempts to write her husband off and had encouraged her. She was certain that one day, her story too will change, maybe Charles Susu, her husband, will learn to love her again, and follow her for all the fertility treatments. Maybe she would be free to….
‘We are home, madam’ said her driver in a loud voice. Loud enough to startle her into an awareness of her surroundings.
Adesua was surprised to realise that the car had come to a halt in the compound. She hadn’t even known the gate had been opened. She quickly checked the compound and realised that one of the other cars was gone. This meant only one thing, her husband still had not returned. He had been gone for over a week now. He usually had a packed bag in his car. He claimed it was for business, but her intuition told her it was otherwise. The Deaconess who had been praying with her had confirmed her fears when she told her she had seen a vision of her husband surrounded by many Sekxy women. She knew it was true, she just knew it! Now he was not back, he still had not returned! Even though she had prayed to God about this!
‘Who told you I didn’t know that? she snapped at her annoying driver, it was a misplaced anger for he was not the cause of her annoyance.

‘Sorry ma, na as you just siddon, dey make me think say you no know..’ he responded. the idiot always had to have the last word.

‘You are mad. you better watch yourself in this house before I speak to Oga about you.’ she threatened

‘Nor vex Madam’ he responded, obviously not sorry because the both of them knew Adesua was powerless to sack any of the staff in the house.

‘Keep your sorry for your family. Idiot!’ She said as she left the car, pulling her mobile out of her bag as she stormed inside, angrily dialling a number, angry that God was not cooperating on this matter. How was she to get pregnant when her husband was never home? He had been gone for eight nights now, she had ovulated during that period and her husband had missed it!
‘Hello Deaconess’ she said as the line connected

‘Hello Sister Susu, how are you? said the Deaconess who sounded very relaxed

‘I’m not fine at all. What was the use of the seven day fast and night vigils? My husband still has not come home!’ she said, heated up.
‘No. You must confess positively. You are blessed and highly favoured. Never forget to say that’ said the Deaconess

‘Look here woman, I have not eaten all week, I now look like dried fish and the reason we have been fasting is yet to manifest. I have just come from home fellowship and nothing seems to work, yet you want me to say I am blessed and highly favoured? Is this how to be blessed and highly favoured in your village? I’m telling you now, this would be the last time I will call you!’ she threatened. This Deaconess was obviously not taking her seriously enough.

‘Ha! Wait Sister Susu. God is a perfect God oh, He makes things beautiful in His own time. He is honing your husband for perfection before he comes home finally’ said the Deaconess, trying to reassure her obviously angry client.

‘Tah! Don’t tell me that! Why did you now make me fast if you knew it would not speed things up? I’m getting tired, I am tired!!!!’ said Adesua into the phone
‘Hmmm, when matters become this complicated, I seek higher assistance.’ responded the Deaconess

‘I think you should do that o, Deaconess, because I am at the verge of giving up’ said Adesua who sounded broken

‘Will you be available tomorrow so we can go and see my Alfa? He is a very powerful man and believe me, all these problems would be over in the twinkle of an eye’ promised the Deaconess

‘Why didn’t you give me this option before? asked a petulant Adesua

‘You know Madam, problems have levels. I can now see that this you husband’s matter is very serious. ’ said the Deaconess

‘Oh oh, shebi I have been telling you. What time should we go?’ asked Adesua
’11.30 a.m’ said the Deaconess, ‘I will call him now’

‘Okay, thank you Deaconess.’ said Adesua

‘Our God is a mighty God. Always remember that. Very soon, you will smile and these tribulations would be over in Jesus Name. Once we see the Alfa, we would be fine. Remember that your matter has turned to my own matter too’ said Deaconess in reassurance.

‘Thank you’ said Adesua, happy now that her problems would soon be sorted.
Adesua did not for a moment wonder why the Deaconess should suggest a visit to an Alfa, a Muslim Cleric, in the first place. All Adesua knew was that her problems with Charles would soon be over.
Money was obviously not a problem here in VGC thought Derin. Not one person had asked him to pray for a financial breakthrough, a job or a contract award. All of them had other problems relating to their relationship with their family members. As he pondered, he looked up into the face of the last person waiting on the queue to see him. It was Oyindamola, the Robert girl, who had rolled on the floor and ascribed onto him, this new believable status of Man of God extraordinaire.
‘Ah, Sister’ began Derin
‘Just Oyinda to you’ she said

‘It’s amazing the way God touches us isn’t it?’ asked Derin, trying to ease up the tension that had built in his tummy

‘Depends on what you call God’s touch.’ she said as she lapsed into silence. It was an unnerving moment because her beautiful face was closed and unlike most people Derin had ever met, he could not read her expressions or body language. He decided to wait for her to speak.
‘Okay Pastorman, you obviously know your God has no business with me right?’ asked Oyindamola

‘How can you say that?’ he asked, confused

She threw her head back and laughed. It was such a Sekxy sound.
‘Joker. You know it was not any power you or your God possessed that pushed me down. Be truthful. I’m not one of your thronging congregants seeking for a miracle because I know miracles do not exist. I’m a thrill seeker, I needed to get your attention. I see that I have gotten it now. I will make my demands known to you tomorrow, after I have done a complete background check on you. For now, you fit the bill. You are handsome, well spoken and have an aura that women would respond to. Most importantly, you are a pastor. I have needs which you would understand much later in the game. For that is exactly what this is – a game. The only thing I can promise you is that you are about to become extraordinarily wealthy. You just have to follow the rules. The first rule is that you have to lose the wife – there is no role for her here because I find you irresistibly attractive and you can ask around, what Oyinda wants, Oyinda gets. And Pastorman, I want you, in and out of bed and I do not share’
As she uttered these words, she licked her lips, simultaneously opening and closing her thighs which were barely covered by the mini skirt. Derin saw this and swallowed hard. It was such a thrilling feeling to be wanted by such a hot young lady, but, he had to play calm. He quickly crossed his legs so that the physical manifestation of her words on his body would not be too obvious. He knew she had deciphered the reason for crossing his legs, he could see her knowing smile, but he decided to focus on what she had said.
In fact, his ears were reeling by the demands she had just made because she had said a lot in those few lines. She had talked about making lots of money, S£x and most importantly, dropping his wife, Segilola! His Segi! How would he pull that off?
‘Err, err … lose my wife? But…but we have been together for a long time. Please give me some time to think about it. I also need to know what all of this is about, I cannot commit to anything that is shrouded in mysteries.’ responded Derin, confused but intrigued.
Oyinda smiled, satisfied that she had subtly been able to read through this so called man-of-God. He was desperate to make it, he reeked of that desperation and was willing to even throw his wife out for the money. Well, he looked like he would be a good lay, so she would start from there. Not tonight though, because she had not envisaged that hitting the floor like that would make her body ache, but it was a small price to pay because she had just struck gold.

To Be Continued…

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