A Story written by Luvp…

After a few minutes of silence between us, she took my ipad and started going through it. While she was doing that, she was equally busy asking me about where I work, where I stay etc. In the course of our discussion I told her how beautifully endowed she looks compared to university days.
She has this Sekxy aura that makes it quite irresistible for any rational guy. She is fully endowed both in the upper and lower region. She was wearing a mini skirt and a stripped long sleeve shirt leaving two upper buttons open. I could see a glimpse of her cleavage which kinda caused a mild commotion down my groins.
In the process of browsing through my ipad she went to a particular folder where I had some real hard core Adult movie videos.
I didn’t have any idea what she was doing cos my ear piece  was plugged in the pad. I just realized that in the course of our discussion she wasn’t responding the way she should and she was engrossed in whatever she was doing. I was forced to peep only to see her watching a Adult movie. I didn’t want to let her know I knew what she was doing so I kept asking her irrelevant questions just to make it seem am oblivious of what she’s doing.
I just increased my air conditioner and carelessly placed my hands on her laps to see her reaction.

To Be Continued…

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