A Story written by Luvp…

She didn’t flinch a bit so I continued robbing my hands on her laps while stealing glances 2 see her facial expression. While I was at it, she looked at me and said ‘hmmm’. By now my OGA was already hard and the bulge was getting obvious. She stopped watching the Adult movie and looked me in the face with a smirk clearly written over her face.
At this juncture, our car was just some few meters away from abacha barracks (now mogadishu cantonment). In order to change the awkward feeling I started asking her about her escapades during university days, I even went as far as asking her the craziest place she ever had S£x. I was doing this to set the mood right. We continued gisting, the rain was still raining thunder and brimstone. At a point people starting pulling over because you could hardly see except for the headlights of vehicles in front. 
I had to join the queue by pulling over, hence concentrating more on our discussion. She started asking about my current girlfriend and my relationship status. I told her I was single,searching and ready to mingle.

To Be Continued…

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