Must Read: Sexxx In The Rain (18+)… Part 3

A Story Written By Foxybone…
The rain started sooner than expected that we had to take cover in one of the numerous sheds that night but due to the fact that it was already late we were alone under the shed. Every other person had retired to his/her house the moment the wind became stronger.
The sound of the rain hitting the zinc covering of where we stood under drowned our conversation that we had to shout to be heard by each other. I and Rejoice stood side by side in the rain without really making any body contact until…
“Attai, I am cold”
Rejoice said to me looking me in the eyes. Damn to Sekxy eyes.
I replied but my voice sounded hoarse, I had already started imagining all I could do to her in that shed coupled with the fact that NAIRALAND’s Sexuality Section had some writers giving real life experience of relating matters. I was torn between two thoughts, I was asked to take her home so nothing would happen to her and my mind said I should make something happen. (Damn, I need to type fast, I need to leave this office oo… coupled with the fact that Araba had been banned).
“Attai, I said I am cold and all you could say is sorry?”
She asked in a shaky voice. She was really cold but there was little I could do to help her. I only had my shirts on, no singlet underneath it.
“Rejoice, it isn’t like that, I’m not with a cardigan right now as you can see.”
I replied. 
She just looked at me and shook her head, put her arms over her Bosom and continued looking into the darkness outside the shed while the rain continued. I for one who is a great talker continued my story from where she had interrupted me but it seems she was no longer interested as she shivered between intervals. Damn! I needed to do something and I did the only thing a gentleman would do. grin
I walked up to her and drew her in an embrace, unbuttoning my shirt in the process so she could have access to the warmth flowing from within me.
“Thank you”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 14, 2017 — 12:02 pm

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