Must Read: Sexxx In The Rain (18+)… Part 4

A Story Written By Foxybone…

She whispered as she buried her head in my chest while her hand circled round me holding me tight. It was blissful and warm at first until the Sekxual hormones in my system started reacting. I tried all I could to calm them down but nothing seemed to pacify them that in no time my dicckk had already started pushing against my trouser and was touching her. I was kinda embarrassed but in that situation I felt that it was necessary, the heat from my throbbing diicckk could add a little warmth to her veejay.
“I hope you are alright”
I asked as she shivered one more time. She shook her head prompting me to wrap my arms round her and press her more to myself but then the devil sure had his way of doing things.
From her back my hand began to wander up and down until it got to that buttocks I had been dying to squeeze since time immemorial. I allowed my hand to rest there and seeing that she did not react, I proceeded to squeeze it gently. Her reaction was priceless, she gripped me tighter and pressed her b.r.e.ast more to me. I was really in for game that night, the weather too was not helping matters as the rain instead of subsiding came down harder on our darling mother earth.
Current soon started flowing between us that our lips which had been sealed initially became lock in one hot kiss that my hand found its way to her Bosom while hers fount its way to my dcckk. The sensation flowing through my body coupled with the little moans she was giving was really having the desired effect.
I pushed her to the wall of the shed but when I tried to push my hand in between her legs she clamped it shut and stopped the kiss stopping to catch her breath. I stopped too and formed gentle but the act had already been started, there was no way it was gonna end half way. Soon we resumed kissing and touching places worth touching with licking earlobes and necking, damn, the current flowing through my body is enough to power the country with uninterrupted electricity for one whole year.
This time I succeeded in getting my hand into her pants as my finger wandered round her p”ussy until I found her cli..t and began messing with it, dipping my hand into her warm p”ussyhole at intervals. I was surprised when my diicckk came out in the open and how she stroked it craftily teasing my 
The rain stopped.!!!
Damn, traffic resumed that we had to abandon the shed and join the traffic on our way to her house. A short distance to her house the rain started again without warning making us to scamper around with no shed to enter than to lean on the side of a fence. That was where we concluded the whole stuff. 
I grabbed her and we resumed kissing, this time I pulled her panties down with her aid, turning her round and making her part her legs. Well, I had no condom and I was past caring, I just bent her and rammed my diicckk into her tight pusssyyy drawing moans from her while I grunted with satisfaction as I started fucckking her hard and fast from behind her soft arse acting as a shock absorber to each of my battering thrust. Her pusssyy wall constricted hard on my dicckk giving me a painful tingling sweet sensation as she came, her flowing while I grabbed her stomach and released all my seeds into her welcoming womb.
Dam.m!!! The sensation I felt was outwardly as my eyes rolled upward all the time that my seed came out from my dicckk.

We made out in public mostly at night during the time I stayed with my parents though I never officially declared her as my girlfriend.

THE END!!!!!!!!!

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Updated: Feb 14, 2017 — 12:11 pm

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