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I turned round on bed that morning, taking a little time before sitting up on the bed, na so I carry hand take clean the sweat wey just form for my face. I stand up come begin dey waka up and down for my room come dey wonder which kind dream I just finish dream. Why I no dream anything pass say I wan fucckk this babe and my preek no gree stand. Na so I carry hand waka over my head come say “God forbid” before I come follow do “sign of the cross”.
Kai, Abuja na city wey be say if you no leave house early, na so hold up go hold you for road and when you reach work again, oga go come follow reduce your salary. Me been dey work for Hotel that time so na by force make I wake up early. 
As per say I been run comot from Kano na because of all this book boys, I been find am hard to dey wake up that time when I first get the job so tay my eyes come dim like say I smoke the whole Igbo for market. Chei!!! Thank God for elevation sha, I for dey reason when dem go pay me salary by now. grin grin
As I waka comot from house that early morning, 4:30am to be precise, I just put my hand inside pocket dey look left and right na, you no fit trust all this boys them wey their work no to dey steal person phone, if you try resist dem go just beat you till you faint come abandon you for road.
“Area 1”
I shout as the first car pass my side, the car just horn pass. Mehn!! I no wan late this morning o, I don late two times and na 2500 dem go comot from my salary be that.
“Area 1”
Na so I shout for the next car wey flash me light before I reach Igbo road for our area for New Karu. The car come stop.
“Oga na N150 o.”
The driver come tell me. I look am for face, no need to bargain except say I dey plan my own robbery and beating that morning.
“Owk na but I no hold change o, na N500 dey my hand”
I come tell the driver.
“No problem, other passengers fit get change na, no worry.”
Me been no worry sha, afterall, the driver wan use early morning as yardstick take chop my money.
Na so journey start o, before I know car don full and na so so fine young girls this driver carry but e pain me say na for front seat I siddon, I just dey use style turn back to see the fine girls wey siddon there. 
Nothing happen that morning sha, unlike when I go siddon for back seat dey use style take rub bobby with my hand and elbow. Chei!! Early morning paroles dey sweet die, na so my preek go just stand till I reach Area 1.
“Mama I dey hungry o, wetin dem cook na”
That was the first question I threw at my mother immediately I alighted from the Okada that brought me home that fateful evening. My mum just looked at me and laughed.
“No wonder you belle just big like this, had it been you no dey eat well well you for slim o. Me wey even think say na only you go slim for my children.”
Mama replied me. 
“Na so me ma think but as I don get body how I go do am now?”
I asked her feigning concern for my protruding belly.
“Na me you go ask, ask the bottles of beer wey you dey drink na”
She replied squeezing her face.
“Haba mama, you know say your pikin dey only take alomo and small stout for health purpose na”
I said before walking into the house. I went straight for the pot and discovered spaghetti was prepared that evening. Wow, I scooped a lot into my plate and without pulling my shoes settled down to eat it all before Mama comes and reduces it. Kai, the woman dey help me watch my weight grin grin.
“Attai! Na only you wan chop that food?”
That was my twin sister walking in with her friend.
“yes na, you think say I don chop since morning?
I asked.
“No be hotel you dey work, abi dem no dey feed una?”
She asked.
“Men, that food wey no go even belle full 10 year old pikin, abeg forget say I dey work for hotel, I dey starve die neh.”
I concluded and all through our conversation her friend just remained silent. I lifted my head once or twice to see her staring in my direction but I was so engrossed in the food to give any thought to her big look breas..ts smiling at me through her low necked shirt.

To Be Continued…

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