Must Read: Shinning Crystal… Episode 40

Episode 40
He was so surprise she came back. Charlie
walked in slowly looking at him. “
sorry. I came to pick my bag”she said
looking at him. She bent down to pick it up.
Justin didn’t say anything, he was just
staring at her till she get out of the room
with her bag.
She took a deep breath leaning her back to
the door. She touched her cheek with both
hands to feel the temperature as it feels
like it’s burning like hell.”why am I acting
strange? I think am loosing it seriously.”she
said laughing at herself. She started walking
back to the compound smiling.
Justin sat at the end of the couch thinking
about how Sarah just acted. “What a strange
girl”he said and stood up heading to the
When Sarah got back to school, she missed
two periods already. She met Lucia on her
way to the next class. “Hey. Are you just
coming to school by this time? Why?”she
asked following her. “It’s nothing. I went to
get something at home”she replied smiling.
“OK. I thought you are not coming to school
for today when I couldn’t find you”Lucia
Hanna and Daniel were sitting at the back of
the basketball field as usual.”Hanna can I
ask you a question?”Daniel asked looking at
her. She wondered what he was going to
ask her. “You can go ahead”she replied.
“Fine. Why do you like picking on Charlie? I
noticed you guys were not close. The more I
look at it, I think Charlie don’t have the
same hatred for you. She liked you as her
real sister. She tried all her possible best to
make you guys get along well, but you were
just opposite of what she feels about
you.”Daniel said looking at her. Hanna
stared at him for a while before
responding”it’s not that I hate her, to be
sincere with you…”she stopped for a while
looking at him. Daniel want her to say the
reasons of her hatred towards Sarah. “I just
got jealous of her in everything. I think she’s
better than me in many things. Because of
this, I always find myself not satisfied by
everything she does. Because she’s pretty,
brilliant and more smarter than me. Because
she always get more attention from people
than I. My hatred for her grew each day by
day. I can see she was trying her best to
keep peace between us but I was never
ready to do the same. Now I just realized
it’s useless because the person I was doing
all this to, was not even moved by it.”she
said feeling bad. “You now see pride and
hatred doesn’t have any gain, it left the
heart with more pains and regrets. You can
still make it up with her if you could drop
that pride of yours and get along well”Daniel
said looking at her. “Thank you so much.
You’re such a wonderful friend to me. You
stood up for me in times of difficulties. You
made me realize whats good from what’s
bad. I know you’re trying to make me a
better person. Thank you so much
Daniel”she said smiling. “It’s nothing. I think
that’s just the right thing to do. I can’t let
you go astray. I also thank you for heading
to my advises.”Daniel said smiling.
Justin was indoor all day. He felt his whole
body was in pain. His body was burning like
fire. He wrapper himself up in his blanket
feeling sick. He tried reaching his hand for
the glass cup of water on his shelf, but his
hand hit it and it fell to the ground broken
into pieces.
Its 7:30pm, Sarah was in her room reading
for test. As she stared at those words in it
the note, nothing got into her brain. She
kept thinking of how Justin treated her back
in his room. “How can he treat me like that?
I thought he was always cool and gentle but
he acted like another person today. If you
don’t want to see me worried about you
again, Fine. I would also just ignore you
from now on.”Sarah said.
She dropped her pen and closed the note
when she couldn’t memorize anything from
it. She stood up from the stood switching
off the light to sleep. She lied down on her
bed hoping she could just get a peaceful
sleep without her seeing his images in her
head again. She closed her eyes to sleep,
but the ringing tone of her phone woke her
up. Her eyes were widely opened as the ring
tone pierced through her ears. “Who could it
be?”she asked herself feeling lazy to pick it
up. She reached her hand for it and brought
it to her face to see the caller. To her
surprise, it was Justin. She quickly jumped
up from her bed looking at her phone’s
screen again. “Why? Am I seeing it wrong?
Why is he calling me this late?”she asked
herself looking up at the time, It was
7:45pm. She swiped the screen to answer
and placed it to her ear. “Hello. Why….”she
hasn’t finish asking the reason before she
heard his weak voice talking. “I think I need
your help now”he said sounding weak and
sick. “What happened to you? Am coming to
you right now”she said to him. She hung up
the call and quickly changed into something
else taking off the night gown. She took her
key and left the room rushing out to the
compound for her car.
Justin’s fever got higher each minutes. He
dropped his phone by his side after the call.
“I think I have no else to call but her.”he
said in a faint voice.
Few minutes later, Sarah came in rushing to
his side with her face full of worries. “Are
you OK? What happened? Why are you like
this? Do you have a fever?”she kept asking
questions. “thanks for coming. Am OK. Am
seriously OK”he said closing his eyes little
by little until they were both shut finally.
She checked his temperature by placing her
hand on his forehead. She quickly took her
away from him due to the hotness. “Oh
you’re seriously burning. what should I
do?”she said looking at his face. She went
out and came back with a bowl of cold
water and white towel. She bent down
beside Him soaking the towel in the water.
She placed it on his forehead to cool down
the fever.
After a while, Justin opened his eyes slowly.
He feels all better and was in his right self
now. He noticed something was on his
forehead. He removed the wet towel and
drop it in the bowl beside Sarah. She was
sleeping already. She sat on a stood with
her head placed on the sofa beside Justin.
He moved closer to her face staring at her
as she sleeps. He stared At her for long
before standing up from her side. He
headed to the bathroom to wash his face.
When he got back to his room, Sarah has
already woke up from her sleep. She
checked the time and it was 10pm. “Oh no.
It’s too late already”she said standing up.
Justin walked up to her as she was wearing
her shoes to start heading back home.
“Thank you for tonight”he said not looking at
her. Sarah stood up looking at him. “It’s
good to see you all better now. Don’t ever
get sick again OK. You scared me a while
ago”Sarah said. “If you don’t want me to
get sick, don’t ever lie or keep anything
from me again. Don’t pretend you don’t
know me ignoring me like a stranger. It
hurts more than you thought” Justin said
looking at her. “Am sorry for doing that in
the first place. Please forgive me”Sarah
said. Justin nodded his head smiling”I have
forgiving you already. Am also sorry for
acting a little harsh this morning.”he said
looking at her. He walked to his drawer and
brought out the necklace box. “I don’t think
it’s a surprise anymore. Since you saw it
already.”Justin said as he brought out the
necklace. He moved closer her and put on
the necklace for her. “Do you like it?”he
asked smiling. “Thank you so much. Its so
pretty”Sarah said smiling. “I think it suites
you perfectly”Justin said smiling. Sarah
checked the time and saw it was almost 10
already. “Oh time really runs so fast”she
said smiling. She leaned closer to Justin
and pecked him”goodnight”she said and
turns to leave. Justin pulled her back closer
to his body. “Goodnight?”he said smiling. He
leaned closer to her face and kissed her
lips. Sarah closed her eyes to the
unexpected kiss she got. He started kissing
her slowly and passionately. Sarah kissed
him back standing on her toes because she
was shorter than him. The kissing got
deeper and hotter as the speed increases.
Sarah wrapped her hands around his neck
and Justin lifted her up still kissing. She
kissed him more as she wrapped her legs
and arms around him while he also wrapped
his arms around her waist. Justin took her
towards the bed still kissing her. He placed
her down on his bed kissing her neck down
slowly. He went back to her lips, now he
was on top of her. they both stopped to
catch their breaths from the long kiss.
Justin stared into her eyes smiling. “I love
you sarah”he said looking at her. “Me too, I
love you more”Sarah said smiling. She
locked her lips with his again and the kiss
continues. This time, It got more hotter and
romantic. Justin can’t hold back himself
anymore, he moved his hand under her top
and took it off still kissing her as she was
also unbuttoning his shirt to take it off.

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