Must Read: Silent Seduction… Part 51

Tori opened her eyes first. Trying to recall what possibly happened before she slept.

Yeah, now she remembers.
She had been weak again and had let her guard down.
She flicked her eyes at her phone which was beside the pillow she had her head on. She pressed her phone to check the time. It was 8:13pm. She shut her eyes in an attempt to try sleeping again blanket still wrapped around her body.
Wait a second,
She didn’t remember pulling the blanket over herself. Did Tobi perhaps do that?
Shrugging off the idea of Tobi acting all sweet which made her a bit uncomfortable, she opened her eyes, then propelled herself into a sitting position after which she rolled the blanket off her. She wiped her face with her palm. It looked like she won’t be feeling sleepy anytime soon.
She stood up from the bed and slipped the pink flowery flip-flops beside her bed onto her feet. She walked out of her room, carefully shutting the door behind her.
Voices were coming from Tobi’s room, which was the last room on the corridor. The door leading to his room was opened and she could see half his mum’s body from where she was. The other half was hidden by the wall. Tobi was raising his voice and it doesn’t really take an Einstein to know those two were arguing again even though his mum still kept her voice at bay.
Tori had no intention of spying or eavesdropping on the duo, Tobi’s voice was loud enough to make one figure out what the argument was all about.
His dad.
‘…have you thought about how I would feel about you two together? I think you are just being selfish here. So selfish about getting back with him that you can’t even consider the sole victim of his past actions. Me!’ Tobi’s voice shows how mad he was. ‘It’s really amazing you, after being shattered about him disappearing, could be the talking about him like he is some small god! I’m not against you marrying someone else but definitely not him.’ Tori couldn’t see Tobi from where she was but she could tell his face was probably laced with fury if she were to judge with his voice. 
His mum came out of him room slowly closing the door with her back turned to Tori. She had her head bowed as she stood by his door holding onto the door handle for some minutes before finally letting go. Turning back to see Tori. 

She looked at Tori still standing by the door. Tori couldn’t read what was on her face. Instead, she tried to avoid her eyes. She looked at her feet and watched as his mum walked past her after which she heard her footsteps down the stairs.
Reluctantly following the voices in her head, she headed towards Tobi’s room taking careful strides.
She knocked but got no answer
Knowing she might never get any answer, she turned the handle and poked her head inside. He was sitting on his bed, his back turned at the door. She couldn’t make out what he was doing in that position. But it looked like he was brooding.
Tori stepped in; silently praying what she was doing wasn’t a bad idea.
‘Which part of do not disturb don’t you understand?’ Tobi said not changing his position. His voice barely perceivable.
‘Well, you didn’t actually say anything. And since I don’t speak ‘Dumb’ nor do I speak ‘Deaf’, I think I didn’t violate any rules.’ Tori tried sounding cheerful.
‘Shouldn’t you be sleeping?’ He asked. She wasn’t even sick; why did he ask with a worry laden voice?
Tori didn’t give an answer to his question, but proceeded inside the room until she was standing, facing him. He was looking at a picture and the drawer beside his bed was opened.
‘We woke you up, right?’ He still had his face fixed on the picture.
‘Nah. I happened to just wake up.’ She replied not taking her eyes off the pictures in his hand.
‘What do we have here?’ Tori bent down and took the picture from him. He didn’t fight it when she took it.
It was a family picture. It was a younger version of his mum who carried a little girl (who she guessed must be Tife) holding a Barbie toy and young Tobi was standing beside a man (obviously his dad) he looked so much like. Everyone in the picture looked happy as they all smiled except Tife who had all her attention on her toy.
‘Rekindling old memories?’ Tori asked, smiling still looking at the picture. Tobi ignored her and cracked his knuckles instead.
‘Do you want to talk about your Dad?’ Tori asked sitting on the unoccupied edge of the bed beside him.
‘No.’ the ‘No’ was quick and unexpected. Unexpected because Tori was expecting him to ignore the question.
‘I think it’s high time you talk to someone about it. So?’ Tori tried again.
‘No.’ Tobi’s answer was firm even though he doesn’t seem angry and sad anymore. ‘Shouldn’t you be sleeping. You’d be leaving for work as early as possible tomorrow.’ He quickly added.
‘I just woke up. It would be hard sleeping soon. Only if I want toss and turn on the bed all night though and what you just did now is what is referred to as one of the lamest method of trying to change the topic. I’m going to ask you nicely before I beat it out of you. Do you want to talk about your dad?’ She raised her eyebrow to show how playfully serious she was.
Tobi couldn’t help laughing slightly.
‘No, I’m not talking about it!’ He replied amidst trying to stifle his laughter. ‘And I’d like to see you try the beating up thingy.’ He said folding his arm across his chest, still smiling.
Tori could feel her heart melt at him smiling. 

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