Must Read: Silent Seduction… Part 52

you want to talk about it?’ She asked again.
‘Nooooo!’ Tobi stressed his answer this time. Maybe that way, it would sink inside her brain.
‘Do you really want your last word to be ‘No, I don’t want to talk about it’?’ Tori said pursing her lips as she looked at him intently ‘Don’t tell me that’s how you want to spend the rest of your life. I can do this for like forever you know.’
‘Why do you even have to ask? You can just say ‘talk about it’ instead. Because you aren’t even asking as a request, but as a command.’ Tobi said giving her the ‘I can’t believe it’ look
‘Just spit it out.’ Tori looking at him more closely.
Tobi hesitated for a while.
‘My Dad…’ He began and Tori listened attentively. Her face was just inches away from his now and Tobi noticed that. 
‘Do you want to jump inside my head or something? I can’t be comfortable with my narration with you that close!’ He said leaning away from her.

‘Fine.’ Tori moved away from him. ‘Start.’

‘Okay. So, where was I?’ Tobi started.
‘You haven’t even started. Is this another type of evasion methods?’ Tori replied feeling a bit irritated.
‘No. I was just trying to remember.’ Tobi continued. ‘I admired my Dad. He was like my superhero. He was a loving husband to my mum and a caring father to us. There were times; I can’t sleep without him being by my side to watch me sleep. It was like that. I was so used to him and I always feel like nothing could go wrong. I was a child with no worry whatsoever. He loved my mum despite her flaws. I remember, he used to do the cooking sometimes while mum would be with him getting him whatever he needs and washing the dishes when there are dirty ones as both two will chatter away. He doesn’t want any maid when mum proposed she wants one. He always says he wants only his immediate family.’ Tobi paused for a while. His voice was visibly laden with hurt.
 ‘Then, August 12, on my 12th birthday, my dad left and never came back. We all thought he died. I was traumatized and so was my mum. Tife was still very young so she knew nothing then. It got to a point that I couldn’t talk for days. My mum was scared I’d become melancholic, so my grandpa, who never really liked nor trusted my dad in the past for a reason I later have to bitterly find out, took me in. I stayed with my grandpa until I was out of college. Now, the funny and amazing thing is, earlier last year, we saw my dad in the papers. Hale and healthy and super wealthy too. Not dead like we thought but one of the best entrepreneurs in Ghana who was thinking moving to Nigeria. You should have guessed how surprised we must have all been. Now, he came to mum, with no explanation whatsoever about why he disappeared fourteen years ago! And mum wants me to accept him as the same father I knew!’ Tobi seemed pretty mad now. He was trying so hard to hold in the tears that welled up in his eyes. ‘I don’t know him anymore. I really don’t!’ He screamed and Tori’s heart ached for him.
If you know how to console a guy who looks as though he would break down any minute after narrating his past, please signify. Tori seemed so lost and would certainly need your help.

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Updated: Dec 6, 2017 — 4:17 pm

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