Must Read: Silent Seduction… Part 53

Tobi came down from his car and at his glanced at his wrist watch. Tori should be home by now. He didn’t have the chance to drive her home today. He had to be with his uncle at home where he was receiving home treatment. Uncle Soji was in a pretty bad shape for home treatment but being the stubborn one he was; he had declined Tobi’s offer of taking him to the hospital because he hates the hospital’s environment.
The illness had made him shrink somehow and he looked like had aged during the weeks he spent at home. Tobi didn’t take him serious when he called in sick like he always does when he was busy with the two things he cherished in his life so it was already late by the time Tobi found out about it. His condition seemed to have worsened.
He typed a short message of how he had to check on his uncle which was the reason why he couldn’t come pick her up at the hospital and telling her he was back in the office to get some things and how he would let her know when he is on his way home to Tori.

 He pressed send and waited for her reply.
‘It’s totally fine. We’d make jollof rice and fried plantain for dinner then. I hope that is okay’ was the reply he got from her.
He smiled then typed: ‘That’s great. By ‘we’, you mean you and who?’
‘Your mum and I. She has improved a great deal. At least, She can fry plantain without getting any burnt.’ Tori’s reply came in a while later
‘That sounds like so much progress. Thanks for not giving up on her.’ He typed and sent his reply.
‘This is like the first time you are saying thanks. It’s weird.’ She replied and added a confused emoji at the end.
‘So, me being grateful is now suspicious? I think you like it more when I roast you ‘wordily’. He texted her back then leaned on his car while waiting for her reply.
He is going crazy. He could see some of the workers walking in the premises him shoot him weird glances.
‘We both know who gets roasted during our word battle. The problem is a loser will never want to admit he loses. Note, I used HE’ Tobi chuckled at her reply.
‘What amuses you so bad?’ 
Where did that voice come from?
 It’s so familiar.
Tobi turned to the direction where the voice came from to see his dad all dressed in black. His suit, his trousers and shoe all black. Only the shirt he wore under the suit was white.
He looked rich.
So rich.
It didn’t look like he just showed up. It looked as though he had been waiting around for a while. Tobi couldn’t really tell which one was his car amongst all the cars in the parking lot.
‘What are you doing here?’ Tobi asked masking his face with a frown.
‘I want to talk to you.’ It appeared he was sorry with his voice and that face. But it was too late to be sorry.
‘Well, I don’t want to talk to you.’ Tobi said and was going to walk past him when he felt his dad’s hand on his shoulder. That filthy hand.
‘If you change your mind, please call me.’ His dad said inserting a card Tobi guessed must be his business inside Tobi’s Bosom pocket.
Tobi acted like he didn’t see that and walked into the company. His mood fouled. 
‘I’m home!’ Tobi announced as he threw the door into the living room open. He dumped his briefcase on one of the sofas in the living room. He could see his mum and Tori setting the dining table. He had sped all the way home after running into his dad in the office. Trying not to get annoyed, he had thought about pulling a big prank on Tori and that did the trick.
‘Just in time.’ His mum replied. ‘You’d be surprised I did the frying.’ She seemed quite excited.
‘Where’s Tife?’ He asked when he scanned the room for her.
‘She’s having a ‘night study’ at her friend’s. Now come over here and come and have a taste of the Master Chef’s sweet fried plantain.’ His mum must be really proud of herself.
Where did he get his bragging quality from again? Tobi thought to himself.
The doorbell rang.
‘That must be Tife. Maybe she forgot something.’ His mum said 
‘I’d go get it!’ Tobi said and sprinted to the door. He already opened the door to see Jo before it dawned on him to have thought about why Tife would even use the doorbell in the first place.
‘Hi.’ Jo smiled as she waved at him.


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