Must Read: Silent Seduction… Part 7


We live in an age where

Everything is staged and

And all we do is fake our feelings… 
                               Jon Bellion


‘Good morning!’ 
Tobi turned over, his face right inside the soft pillow. He wasn’t ready to rise just yet. His mum never lets him enjoy his sleep. She always comes disturbing when his dream gets deep and interesting.
Wait a minute, he was supposed to be in a hotel room, was he still dreaming or where did that voice come from? 
His eyes went wide open. He turned to the other side in an instant and there she was, standing beside his bed hands on her hips. She was cladded in a white chiffon gown, her hair packed neatly behind her neck.
‘Are you going to rise now or you are going to lie down all day and stare?’

Her almond shaped eyes made his heart melt. She looked too gorgeous he finds it so hard to get mad at her. All he could muster his strength to do at that point was stare.
He was supposed to be mad at her but here he was drooling over her. This is so embarrassing! He rose in one swift movement and walked to the small fridge adjacent his bed.
Oh great!
He was in his shorts and Jo was right in the room. He felt so Unclad that he wanted to wrap the blanket over his body but it was too late now. His bare chest, back and thigh were all there for her see his build. 
 Back to what really matters to him, he needs to show her that he wasn’t the least pleased with the drama she pulled last night but he wasn’t sure how long he would be holding onto the string of pride in him with her looking so gorgeous. 
He took a bottled water from the fridge and gulped down the drink. The chillness burned his throat and he felt a small chunk of ice travel down his throat. It was so uncomfortable. Why the hell did he even walk to the fridge this early? Why does her presence makes him so nervous he couldn’t control his thoughts? 
‘You dissapeared yesternight. I wondered where you left for that you decided not to let me know.’ She said sitting down on the king sized bed comfortably like it was made for her.
You acted like I was nothing! Like I wasn’t there! I was embarrassed yesterday and you expected me to stay and be tortured watching you flirt with some other guy? Are you really kidding me?
That was the planned speech only God knows where,
‘How did you get in?’ came from. You could guess it was his mouth.
‘Your door was opened and I don’t really think I need to knock or alert you I want to come in. So I just let myself in.’ She replied. ‘You are acting weird. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?’ She asked pursing up her lips in confusion.
Was she trying to act like nothing was wrong when everything seems so wrong? Wow!
‘Nothing is wrong. I am just feeling a bit sick.’ Tobi walked to the large window in the room and looked down the bush street from there. He slightly lifted the curtain as he rested his palm on his forehead.
‘Sick?’ Jo asked, her tone indicating worry as she rose and walked to him. Tobi wasn’t sure what the thumping at his chest at every step she took signifies.
‘It’s nothing. I’d be fine.’ He hurriedly said.
‘Does that mean you won’t be able to make it tonight…’ 
Yeah! I can’t. I want to go back to Lagos. I am sick of seeing you throw yourself at other guys. 
Another planned speech that never got the chance to leave his head.
‘…You don’t have to worry I’d get someone else then.’ Jo said as she folded her hands across her chest while she stood before him.
‘I am fine…’ That came out so wrong

He felt like he screamed that out. But does it matter. Anything but her being with another guy for one night. He quickly cleared his throat and scrunched up his face in a faked pain. Jo was now facing him and he knew he really has to make his acting look real
‘I will be here till that stuff ends. I would be fine…’ He watched as Jo smiled a knowing smile. Did he fall for her once again? He hopes not.
‘Okay then.’ she said rising abruptly ‘I am going to get dressed now. I hope by the time I’m done, you?d be too and we would go grab breakfast. I am so famished!’  She said the last statement in whispers as she trotted out of his room, smiling as she did. 
Everything about her is so cute.
Well, he doesn’t know why he can’t get her out of his head

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