Must Read: Silent Seduction… Part 8

But, why does she find it so hard to apologize? Was she so used to him that apology is so out of it when it comes to them? Or is it the number of years they had known each other that warrants a ‘No apology? relationship? Or was he getting a bit paranoid about it all?  Was this how things were supposed to be and he was the one overthinking it? 

Why can’t he even summon up the courage to ask her out, once again? Is he really so scared she would turn him down, once again that he had chosen muteness? Maybe she won’t turn him down like she did ten years ago? Maybe the reason she turned him down ten years ago was because she thought she was too young to be in a relationship. 
Ten years ago, Jo was fifteen and he was sixteen. Their age difference was just a few months. Jo was the foster daughter of his grandpa’s neighbour?s. The three years he spent at his grandpa’s were the years whose memories he cherished the most. The years he hated and the year he loved. 
While he stayed with his grandpa he got to know Jo. Jo’s foster parents were the busy type and they were always away. Despite the number of maids, they had, they felt she would be secured staying with their neighbor, Tobi?s grandpa. It was as though the duo had lived together because Jo’s parents were seldom around. The duo went to school together, came home together. They know virtually everything about each other. 
Tobi regarded her as his sister at first until those feelings changed. What he felt for her wasn’t a brotherly love anymore. It was something greater.  He always wants to be with her.  He always wants to see her. He always feels the urge to hold her. It took several weeks of planning what to say, several days of making up his mind to tell her but later changing his mind immediately he was in front her, several hours of battling with his mind on whether to go ahead or not to go ahead. They were in school when he finally forced the words out of his mouth. Her reply totally shattered him.  
‘OMG! Tobi, You are just like a brother!’ 
Just like a brother. 
He can’t forget that statement. The statement he even heard in his sleep. How could he possibly forget? 
Ever since then, he had been scared to approach her, he avoided her and it was like she did too. They didn’t go home together that day and she never showed up at his grandpa’s place for days. When he got worried he scared her away, it was then his grandpa made him know she came around when Tobi wasn’t there to say her goodbyes. Her parents want her to study abroad and she already left. 
She didn’t even say goodbye to him. 
They never saw each other again until earlier last year. It was by his grandpa’s grave. He was there with flowers as was his routine every July 3rd. He felt a palm on his shoulder.  It was Jo?s. She heard his grandpa died and she was there to pay her respect.  Blah, blah, blah. A week after they met, she started dating one bloated face guy, when she broke up with that one she dated another…. 
‘What are you still waiting for?’ It was Jo. She poked her head inside the room, cutting his chain of thought short. She was in black T shirt and a denim trouser. 
‘In a minute!’ He rushed to the bathroom to have his teeth brushed. You can’t keep a lady waiting.  

A lady like Jo to be precise.


Right from the start

You were a thief

You stole my heart 

And I’m your willing victim

I let you see the part of me

That weren’t all that pretty

And with every touch you fixed them.
            P! NK (Just give me a reason)


Did she get the wrong address or the mansion before her was really Richard’s supposedly new place?

After deliberating on whether to knock on the gate or not to and later choosing the latter after what seemed like ages, she sighted a lock on the gate.
It looks like a wrong address anyways but should she give James a call and confirm if she really got the wrong address?
How would she even do that? Her credit status is low and she was saving the little airtime she has to call her grandma later in the day. 
She was still standing before the gate when a jet black Range Rover pulled before the gate. She directed her attention to the driver who alights rather too slowly. A pair of expensive sneakers came out first. He smelled and looked expensive too. His eyes were masked by the baseball cap he wore which covered half his face. He refused to look up as he was busy with a bunch of keys but Tori had this gut feeling he was Richard even without seeing his face. She waited patiently as he approached her still fiddling with the keys. Tori was surprised when he plugged a key into the lock and completely ignored her. 
It was like she doesn’t exist! She pinched herself lightly to be sure she wasn’t dreaming.
‘Richard.’ She snapped rather than called. Her emotion engulfing the better part of her
That got him looking right at her. It was Richard alright and what Tori saw in his eyes was either shock or surprise and it could also be a mixture of both.

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