Must Read: Sweet Uncle Tosin (18+)… Part 2


A Story written by Wild Cat…

Images of Buchi pounding me from behind , and pulling my hair overwhelmed me , my fingers got faster and went in deeper causing me to throw back my head. I stood up from the bed, and sat on the arm rest of my sofa, I sat resting one leg on the back rest and the other on the floor, My legs were widely open.
I continued with my merciless fingering as if teaching my Kittycat a lesson ,i managed to  unhooked my bra with one hand and hurriedly grabbed my left Bosom , I pinched my stiff Tips till they hurt.
I needed a Joystick now, I slowly crept from second to first heaven, I was getting close.
“Ko ko ko” I jumped
“Amanda why did you turn the music so loud” I quickly removed my fingers that were buried deep into my Kittycat.
” I’m using the bathroom ” I managed to say, and  ran into the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and washed my hands , I put on some cologne because I was smelling Kittycat juice.
I walked to the door while rearranging my bra… I was limping , my thighs were slippery from too much lubricant , Natasha should be a fool not to notice.
She walked slowly into the room slowly observing , and sat down on the chair which was unlike her, I began to panic . Not only did she steal the chance of me having a mind blowing orgasm,  she also kept on glancing at my thighs, I had already arranged my skirts which was visibly soaked in suspicious places.
She raised a topic about my ex’s , and how hard she felt it was for me ,  I eventually couldn’t help but shed tears , I cried out of loneliness , and couldn’t let it out , but mostly i cried because of the increased throbbing in between my legs, my clit  were begging for attention . I cried till i fell asleep in her arms.
My happily married Aunt who was a successful business woman,  got married to a big time millionaire . Her house was built like a castle in Lagos , although they had no kids yet.

* * * *

“Small madam welcome o,how the family? ” Musa said excitedly. I smiled weakly , and walked behind him into the compound immediately he opened the gates , the size of the compound still took my breath away, the compound had a relaxation spot which was built like a hut and over seven cars parked outside.

“Uncle good morning, sorry I didn’t call I lost all my contacts” I lied , I was too broke to admit how I used up my last money to transport down here , and how I expected my bag stuffed with money on my way back home.
he looked at me with great amazement,  as if scanning me. He sat on the dinner table eating what was like lunch. 
“Ha! Sisi, you have grown so big I barely even recognized you ” ,
“Sisi” that was what he calls me, it was the first time he saw me in two years. I smiled sheepishly and asked about my aunt , and was told she went to Abuja for a business meeting and would be back soon. .

“Amanda it’s starting to hurt “,
“Just do it as a favor ” . He continued
It’s been five days since I came visiting, he had made me so uncomfortable this pass few days, he would walk around with just tight shorts that clearly showed how big the thing underneath was, he would walk into my room deliberately without knocking just to “ask questions” . The other time he asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I had ever let a boy “play with me ” before, I simply said no ( see lie!) . Other times he compliments me on how beautiful I looked and how any man would love to get into bed with me.
He would ask me to get the remote control for him on top the television stand while he watched me bend over just to get a glimpse of my Buttocks. I wasn’t in any way attracted to Uncle Tosin, i never actually thought about him in a different way until I started noticing how wet I get around him, He always gaze at my cleavage any time he got the chance , and I began to like the spell I had on him . Yesterday I couldn’t help but notice how fast my fingers were ramming my Kittycat,  and the funny part was that the man on my mind was Uncle Tosin.
I could have stopped all of this when I first noticed it,  but the hidden Sluut in me wanted the impossible .
My body was betraying me, and I knew it , I was starting to like this game,i had to choose between betraying my Aunt and getting that big Joystick inside me even if it might be her husband’s.
He buried his face into my neck sucking , and licking still holding me hard against the wall to stop any kind of escape .   I kicked and hit him , but it seemed the more I resisted the more  juice came running down my thighs, My body was betraying me, He seemed to have noticed my hard Tips  pressing against the fabric of my night wear ( I didn’t wear any bra), he managed to pin me against the wall , I was shouting now hitting him harder,  and with aggression he tore off my shirt,  and grabbed one of my Bosom sucking angrily.  I suddenly halted slowly looking down, he sucked my Tips  hard , and bit on it slightly  ,I couldn’t take the torture any more, I needed to be Forked, heaven knew resisting would be difficult now. My defenses were crashing down I started to beg
” Uncle Tosin please na, this is wrong” I was slowly giving in he could sense it, before I knew it his fingers found its way inside my shorts playing with my swollen clit , I moaned and spread my legs , I was letting my Aunt’s husband  finger me.
His fingers were doing magic in my love hole, my knees were getting weaker by the moment , i wanted his Joystick not his fingers for christ sake.
” Ogechi might come and see us” I said suddenly remembering the house maid, ” I sent her on an errand, she won’t be coming anytime soon” he said grinning ear to ear, Damn! smart bastard, no wonder she didn’t come to check what she left cooking on the gas cooker.

To Be Continued…

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