Must Read: Sweet Uncle Tosin (18+)… Part 3


A Story written by Wild Cat…

He lifted me on the kitchen cabinet spread my legs , and went on his knees, what was he thinking, does he want to… my eyes widened , his tongue was already wrestling with my clit.  He bit on it, sucked hard, took more into his wet mouth and kept on sucking on it like he did earlier on my Tips, slowly making out with my Kittycat lips .There was no name on earth I didn’t call, I pushed his head more into my Kittycat begging him to take more. He dipped two fingers in me while still sucking. I went mad! All thoughts of my Aunt and Buchi disappeared, no matter what I was gonna Fork this man.
I got up, and went on my knees while allowing him to get back on his feet , the tip of his Joystick was huge , it was throbbing with anticipation for what was yet to come. I licked off the pre-Pour , started making circles with my tongue on the tip while squeezing his balls , he took in a shaky long breath , I played with the tip admiring the size, I raised his stiff shaft upwards , and made a long lick from his balls to the tip of his Joystick, I was surely punishing his hot Joystick. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked on it ” Amanda..” I noticed the urgency in his voice , I didn’t hesitate . I took it into my mouth not removing my hand from his balls, I sucked the half of his 7 inch fat monster , it stretched my mouth but I didn’t mind . He held the back of my head forcing me to take in more. ” o yea suck daddy’s Joystick”
He was pushing my head on his  Joystick like a demon possessed animal, I maintained eye contact with him as saliva drooled out of the edge of my mouth ” you love that Joystick?,you want it deep in your Kittycat? “, (hell yea!). I withdrew ,spat on it, and went further to deep throat him,  My jaw started hurting due to the force he applied.

He withdrew, and pulled me up ,bent me over , pushing me against the kitchen cabinet, he bent my head down to the cabinet level , and held my Buttocks up, positioned it and ran his whole rock Joystick inside my Kittycat. ” Shtt! ” I was squirming for more . We Forked until I lost track of time, he spanked my Buttocks till it turned red ” ahhhh…uhhhh  ” I was yelling at the top of my voice now, I am such a typical noise maker, he lost control when I said those words, I could swear anyone could hear us ,we were both groaning like animals . ”  aghhha…Shtt…I’ll Fork that Kittycat sore”
I was getting close, and I could feel his Joystick twitching, “bore an hole in that Kittycat…uhhhhh”. I screamed.  I was sweating profusely, my  juice was running down to my knee level .
He pulled out, laid on the floor and told me to get on him.. I was going for a ride. I bounced on his Joystick as my Kittycat swallowed every inch of it , he cupped my tits , and squeezed my Tips , I felt like to lift my hands , and touch the heavens because It seemed directly above my head .
I started squirming on his Joystick, I could already see stars ,I didn’t care if I was protected or not I just wanted to feel his seed blast into my wet Kittycat .
“ooo…gaaawwwddd Fork me, get me Bleeping pregnant , I wanna have your baby…shitttt…I’m cummiiinngg” I screamed as tons of juice flowed out of my occupied Kittycat, I was convulsing on top of his Joystick, that pushed him over the edge, ” agghaaa” he left out a long groan and  left my Kittycat drooling out his seeds.
I fell on him try to recuperate…
“OluwaTosin! What is the meaning of this? ” my Aunt shouted from the door of the kitchen, Ogechi was standing behind her holding bags while stretching with her eyes widely opened , how could we have forgotten about Ogechi?, my Aunt had come back earlier than expected. The only excuse that I could make out was ” I was only trying to do a favor…”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 19, 2016 — 9:20 pm

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