Must Read: Sweet Uncle Tosin (18+)… Part 5


A Story written by Wild Cat…

I woke up, with her panties still in my hand, I had slept off sniffing on her underwear.
‘ you should curb your curiosity ‘ Natasha said sitting at the edge of the bed gazing at a wall . I jumped up , and quickly removed my hand from inside my trousers. ‘ you shouldn’t have seen that’. She added .
My heart felt like it would fall to my stomach, I should apologize, I should fling her panties away . ‘ I tried to tell you ‘ she said still staring at the wall. She leaned towards me, enveloping her lips in mine. I closed my eyes,  I couldn’t mutter a word, they weren’t coming out, I should push her away, I should get up and never speak to her again, but I sat there, enjoying her warm tongue wiggle into my welcoming mouth. She moaned into my mouth, withdrew , and nibbled on my lower lips. I could feel the heat in my panties increase, my hands were sweaty, ‘ just a little bit ‘ she murmured into my mouth. She managed to find her way into my blouse to unhook my bra, while licking her way down my neck. My head felt woozy, she used her fingers to draw invisible shapes on my back, nibbling on my ear lobe. ‘ Amanda…’ she whispered into my ears. I jumped up and propped against the door.
‘ Natasha, please this is really wrong’ I managed to stammer. She stood up slowly, taking off her fitted gown . I stared at her puffy pointed Tips, she eased out of her underwear , I turned, I didn’t want to stare, I had seen her Unclad a couple times, but this felt different.
‘ can I taste you?’. She said gazing at my waist, I swallowed hard . ‘ can i?’ She added walking towards me. I moved closer to the door, wishing the ground would swallow me, along side my already wet Kittycat . I murmured inaudible words, I blinked profusely . She unzipped my trousers pulling it down, and took off my blouse and unhooked bra.
I was left in my soaked undies, she glanced at me, and went on her knees , she could see my Kittycat lips apparently drenched, she licked it up across my mound, through the undies. She yanked at my panties, pulling it down, spreading my legs, and dived at my Kittycat. She interrupted My jump, clutching my waist downwards, she kissed my Kittycat, separating the lips with her fingers, tilting her head trying to get everything my Kittycat had to offer.
I buried my fingers in her hair, stretching on the wall, she stopped ‘ oh I’m sorry, I forgot one more thing ‘ . She got up seductively and squeezed my Tips, I felt helpless, she blurted out how long she had wanted my Tips in her mouth. I began to imagine how good it would feel , I bet it would be as warm as it felt in my Kittycat. She nibbled on my Tips, carefully tracing the shape of my areola with her tongue. She tried to milk it, I felt lost in forbidden desires, something had come loose in our head. I pushed her to the wall , I tugged at my trousers and panties, and flung them away . I kissed her violently, exploring her mouth , she collapsed into me when I ran two fingers into her Kittycat, she recited my name in my ears, her voice getting louder . I didn’t know her moans would sound so beautiful, she was groaning, pleading for more. I pushed her facing the wall, fingering her from behind, her body was on fire, she kept screaming, squirming, squirting on my fingers. Her body tensed up, ‘ Yea baby, arghhhhh baby, I’ll be good baby , I promise ‘ , she was yelling at the top of her voice, until I felt her Kittycat contract.
I almost tripped when she hugged me hurriedly, clutching me tight, she took me to her study table, at the extreme end of the room . I sat on top, and she sat on chair, she watched me touch myself for minutes, asking me to call her name, she replaced my fingers with her warm mouth, spreading the lips and sucking my clit directly, my head fell back and my eyes rolled into my head. I held her head, she pushed her tongue into my slit trying Fork me with her tongue, she bit the lips and licked across, from my Buttocks Crack to my clit. I banged on the table beneath me, trying to channel the sensations, they were  too much to handle. I was almost crying, I couldn’t see her fingers properly, they were blur due to the pace or was it my vision.

To Be Continued…

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