Must Read: Sweet Uncle Tosin (18+)… Part 6


A Story written by Wild Cat…

I was at the blink of cuming when I heard the door open, we both stared.  Natasha looked at me ,and then at Buchi standing at the door, she leaned closely and whispered some words into my ear. I got up reluctantly from the study table, and she from the chair, we both got on our knees and crawled to where Buchi stood by the door. She took hold of his belt and unbuckled it, she unzipped his trousers and let it fall to the ground. He looked blank, probably still trying to comprehend the whole scenario. Natasha took the lead, kissing the tip, letting it slide into her mouth, I watched until I took his balls into my hands, squeezing gently. I didn’t ask myself questions, questions I know I should ask, I simply took his Joystick from Natasha, sucking harder . Natasha buried her face in his balls, it was a competition, on who sucked best.
He dived at me, placing me on all fours, Natasha lay down in front of me spreading her legs widely, I bent my head lower, sucking her drooling Kittycat. My ex was pounding me from behind, while I suck my best friend Kittycat. We were both groaning, Natasha about to Pour in my mouth, and I, about to Pour all over Buchi’s Joystick. I bit on Natasha’s clit anytime Buchi went in too deep, I secretly missed that Joystick. He pulled out and did the same with Natasha, Bleeping her deeply from the back while she suck my Kittycat. I pulled at Natasha’s hair, squirting all over her face, while Buchi Forked her harder, we were all going to Pour. She kept moaning our names, Buchi thrust his last and filled Natasha with his seed while I tilted my head upwards purring.
We lay down intertwined, ‘ I forgot my shorts in your house ‘ Buchi said, breaking the silence. I quickly got up coming back to my senses,
‘ how long has this being going on?’ I asked glancing at each of them
‘ not quite long ago’ Natasha replied, and later said ‘ I’m sorry ‘
I wasn’t hurt, it didn’t hurt. I wanted to ask questions, but I wouldn’t until Natasha and I were left alone, until I could interrupt her apologizes by simply yanking at her panties.
‘ let me know anytime you need me ‘ I said staring into Natasha’s eyes, she smiled, sucking on her lower lips.

I spread her legs, I wanted to get some of that early morning juice from her Kittycat, she moaned and opened her legs  further . I missed her Kittycat,   I could hear wet sounds, and moans in the middle of the night, but was too weak to get up. She wiggled and opened her eyes.
‘ happy birthday ‘ I said smiling up at her.

***The End***

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