Must Read: Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)… Part 14


A Story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

He left with Vivy after some other small talks with the girls. They headed to Lovers Spot; a garden built for lovers which offer non alcoholic drinks and snacks. When they got there, they made their orders and waited to be served.  Val cleared his throat after a while of sipping his drink.

“There has been something I have been wanting to talk to you about.”

” What’s that? Hope am not in trouble?” She said smiling at him.

“No, not at all,” he continued. “It might sound too early or sudden, but the truth is that since we met at the party, I found myself thinking about you frequently. I know it sounds funny, yea, but am serious and it’s true. I think I like you already and the feeling is growing. If you ain’t with someone, I will like you to give me a chance to build something serious like a relationship with you”. Val concluded looking her in the eye balls.
“Wow!! Lucky me,” she said as they laughed. “Val if I tell you that I don’t like you or have not been thinking about you I will be lying. From that party and after the whole Vienney incident at your house, you have always been in my thoughts. I wish things were different and I wouldn’t have blinked before saying yes to you. But the truth is, am dating someone already and we have been together for a while. Though it’s not as rosy as I would want it to be, but I love him.”

“I guess I’m late then,” he said smiling. “But all the same it’s cool, I don’t really handle disappointment so well but I guess I have to deal with this one.”
“Am sorry Val, hope we won’t stop being friends because you are just someone I can’t lose as a friend?” She asked with a pleading look.
“Come on, we will still be friends, at least now that I have let it out and we know all there is to know, I will just try to let the feeling go and maybe beam my search light somewhere else.”

“Don’t worry I will get you a good girl amongst my friends.”

“That sounds like a consolation gift to me. But any ways thanks, I will get someone for myself in due time ok.”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Sep 27, 2016 — 8:30 pm

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