A Story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

The two girls were looking dumbfounded when she finished her story.

“Chai!!!” Obi shouted.” I know say that boy no dey as em look. I have been suspecting his movement with that girl.”

“Swidy  I’m sorry for all that.”  Chinwe chipped in.

” Heheheheh!! Am now out for war” Obi laughed dispassionately. “Shebi dey feel say they go carry my girl play, ok now, no problem. Make I just see him around here again. Then we go know who be who for this school.”

“Obi please don’t embarrass him again please”. Vivy pleaded trying to calm Obi down.

“See no try tell me that rubbish o,” Obi shouted at her. “But wait,”, turning to Vivy  she asked “have you been giving him his school fees and pocket money”?

Vivy couldn’t answer but bent down and stared at her palms.

“How could you be so stu……..”, she couldn’t conclude  before Chinwe interrupted her.

“Hey!! Obi give her a break abeg, she’s not in the mood and this is not the time to be hipping blames on her.”

“See don’t tell me to give her a break, how could she be doing such a thing? For five years now, how could she?” Obi shouted very annoyed.

“But I love him” Vivy said as tears started flowing from her eyes again.” I love him”, she continued amidst tears…………

To Be Continued…

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