A Story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…


” Abeg if we go another lap we will go” Val said trying to catch his breath. This have been their normal routine every Saturday. They do go to the stadium to burn some fats. That was their 20th lap of running around the stadium and he was feeling it already.

” Oya na let’s finish this one and go” Uzo replied stretching his legs.

” Abeg make we rest small”

They sat down in the field to get some rest when a guy  walked up to them. They exchanged pleasantries as he asked Val to give him some minutes to talk with him. He got up and walked with the guy a bit away from Uzo.

“How far na, hope o problem” he asked the dude.

“Not really, I know we have not met but maybe you must have heard about me, but if you have not, am KC Vivy’s boyfriend.”

“Oh! Ma man, na you be KC?”

” Yea ”

” Nawa o, hope no problem and by the way nice meeting you. As you must have known I’m Val”

“Believe me it not a pleasure meeting you. Let me just make this as short as possible. Stay away from Vivy, I don’t care the kind of friendship existing between you guys but she is my girlfriend and I don’t want to see you with her anymore. This might be my final warning to you. Leave my girlfriend alone if not hmmmmmmm!!!, we both no go like wetin go happen to you o” he said and before Val could say anything he left.
He stood dumbfounded. It was just like a joke to him as he walked back to Uzo.

“Guy how far, wetin the dude dey yan?”

“Omo see that guy o, na threatening things o, na Vivy boyfriend be that. He said I’m been a threat to his relationship and doesn’t want to see me with or around the babe anymore if not wetin he go do me no go funny”
“Haa which levels be that na?”
“A swear me no understand o”

“Omo I no even know self. You self get problem, why you still get feelings for that girl na. Abeg she get package pass other babes wey u don blow rubbish?”

“See Uzo me self don ask myself that question o. But guy that babe na the first babe wey I don ever get sincere feelings for, I mean thinking about her more than often”

“See since you know say the babe get boyfriend, just let her go ok. I don talk my own o before you and person begin get problem for this school”


To Be Continued…

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