Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 12


A Story written by Officialfestus…

When i c-m again inside my boxer,i started shaking my waist and she looked at me. Mrs: what is it baby boy? Me: *** i pretended ***. Nothing. Mrs: but why are you shaking your waist? Me: ok. *** she held my trouser and unhook my belt,she started giving me a mouth job, as she was doing that,i was carried away by the pressure. She was very good in s—king, i was just groaning. I was also enjoying what she was doing till i want to c-m***. Me: am c-ming!,am c-ming!! Am c-ming!!!. *** i tried to withdrow my p—k from her mouth but i couldn’t because all my p—k was inside her mouth and she held it so tight. I c-med inside her mouth and she rushed inside the bathroom and split it out,before she can come out from the bathroom,i was lying on the floor.*** Mrs: why are you lying on the floor? *** i didn’t reply her. She laid beside me and gave me a passionate kiss.*** lets continue baby boy. Me: i can’t. Mrs: why? Me:am tired whereas i have to go home now because of my parent. Mrs: common,how can you go just like that? After turning me on,you abandon me unsatisfy,oh…common,its not possible. Me: is this what you called me in your house to do? Mrs: are you not enjoying it. Me: *** i stood up from where am lying ***. Am sorry i can’t continue,am going home now. Mrs: please you don’t have to go,am not satisfy for Christ sake. Please come and enter me,am on fire. Me: if it is your son,will you be happy if another mother like you do what you are doing to me to him? Mrs: common,it doesn’t matter. *** i decided to wear my boxer and she held my p—k and kneel down ***. Please am begging you,don’t leave me like this. *** she started caressing my p—k and it resurrected again. I pounds on her,i held her b—s and started doing justice to that. I s—k her b—s for 2mins and i paused. I located her p—sy and touched the tips and she jerked. I decided to fingerbleep her based on the pornographic movies i watch sometimes in my friends house. I was doing that to her as if am not a learner. I inserted one of my finger and continue f—–g her,she was just moaning so loud.i was enjoying it *** Mrs: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh! Ooooooh!…… are killing me baby boy. Am on fire…….fuuuuuuuuck meeeeee! Ohhh. F–k me…..please. *** i continue on a high tempo to fingerbleep her with the help of her encouraging moan. I was enjoying it to a point that i forgot ,she is old enough to be my mother. At a point, i removed my finger and it was shining like shoemaker gum. F–k meeeee, she moan. As am about to insert my dickson inside her p—y she stopped me*** Me: what is it? *** she brought out that waterproof,she came in with went she left me inside her room, she opened it and it was condom,she hand it to me***. I don’t know how to use it. *** she torn the packet and bring it out and worn my dickson ***. Mrs: you can now fire on,am fully ready to recieve you. Lets climb the bed,it will be so sweet more than floor. We climbed the bed and she lied down with her back,she uses pillow to support her waist so that her p—y will be so close to me. I looked at her p—y to examine wella and the odour that was coming out of it was so attracting. I was putting my dickson inside her p—y so gradually and it was as cool as refrigerator…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 21, 2016 — 9:27 pm

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