Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 13


A Story written by Officialfestus…

 i was entering her gradually and her p— sy was as cold as if ice was stored there. I started pushing in and out of her slowly,very soon i added more effort in stroking her and she was just moaning. I f—-d her as if i wasn’t an amateur, she was just pleading for more. After like 5mins,i c-m and i separated myself from her,i uncovered my dickson by removing the condom. I breadth heavily like a man that fall from the palm tree. MRS: please baby boy,am not satisfied yet. ME: what do you mean? MRS: i still need you now please, you haven’t quench my Sekxual urge. ME: i don’t think,i can continue MRS: common baby boy…. ME: *** i picked the used condom *** please where can i dispose this? MRS: in the toilet *** i went to the toilet and flushed it and came out*** i want to take my bath,can i make use of this? *** i pointed at her bathroom *** MRS: common…don’t tell me that you kept dumb ears to what am saying? ME: am tired for today,,,maybe next time *** i went inside her bathroom without waiting for her to approve my request. I couldn’t lock the bathroom door,because the boot had spoiled, i started bathing, as i was bathing,the door were opened widely and i feel a sensational touch on my back because i was backing the door. I turned to her*** ME: what do you want from me? MRS: i need you inside me. *** she located my p—k with her hand, my body melt down and i began to groan as she was robbing my p—k. I inserted my p—k inside her p—sy immediately and started f—–g her. As i was banging her,she was just moaning and pleading for more. I was f—–g her so hard that her moan echoed all the whole room, oooooh… God.. Arrrrrrrrh….please moooooooore… Harrrrrrrrrder baby boy. I loooooooove you soooooooo much. Please marry meeeeeee.*** ME: *** marry you ke? *** *** i swear that moment that she was confessing, am feeling like the happiest guy on earth, her moan was moltivating me to f–k her so hard. After like 7mins, she held me so tight and dug her nails inside my body and began to convulse, i was scared,i thought she want to tear me apart that moment, i didn’t know that she want to c-m. She c-m and i also c-m inside her because my p—k didn’t worn facecap. After the s-x,i took my bath and worn my cloth ***. ME: am about to go home naw MRS: *** she gave me 5k ***. Thanks for coming,,,, when next should i expect you? ME: soon MRS: thats my baby boy…. ME: thanks for the money. MRS: you are welcome.. *** i moved to the door to open it*** no kiss for me before you go? *** i moved closer to her and kissed her and left… I just decided to charter a bike that will take me home straight because i was so tired and the time was 7:00pm.. I waited for 10mins and i didn’t see any bike, after 5mins more ,i saw bike man and waved at him and he stoped, i told him where am going to and we concluded the price and he dropped me in our gate… I was so scared because i don’t knw what to tell my dad if he asked me,what kept me so long… I entered our compound and they had gone to bed,i snicked inside my room.. I couldn’t sleep all through the nite because am reflecting on what i did with Mrs sharp sharp. In the morning,i went to school, i was as cold as an interior dog nose and princess noticed my mood. She requested to knw why i was in such a mood and i told her that am not feeling fine, that it is malaria… She went out and came back with malaria drugs and gave it to me to take,,, i don’t want to take it because i knw that there was nothing wrong with me and i have to give her excuse… I told her that i took some malaria drug in the morning before coming to school,,, as we were talking, mrs sharp sharp entered our class to teach and saw princess hand crossed on my neck and she frowned***

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 22, 2016 — 5:36 pm

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