Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 16


A Story written by Officialfestus…

When i got to her house, i saw corper Isaac in her compound. I was heartbroken immediately . They didn’t see me because they were backing the entrance of their compound. So i step back to think of the next step. What is corper Isaac doing in her house? And she even gave him a sit and she seated behind him. What is her intention of doing this? Did she deliberately invite me and corper Isaac to her house or what? Should i enter there or go home and never in my life step my feet in her house. I wanted to cry but i consoled myself and decided to go home. As i was going home, my phone started ringing. When i looked at it and it was princess calling. I ignored the call. She called me 5th times and i didn’t pick up. When i got home that Sunday, i was very angry, the kind of anger that i am, omo can even boil hot water. I entered inside my room without greeting my mum, that i met going out. I was inside my room thinking about what princess did, and a call came in, i decided to ignore the call without checking who was that. The call came again the second time and i ignored, the third time, i brought it out to abort the call and look at it and it was Mrs sharp sharp calling, i picked the call.*** Me: hello ma. Mrs:baby boy, how are you doing? Me: am……am fine. Mrs : where are you celebrating your Sunday? Me : am at home…. So bored Mrs : can you come over? Me : *** i looked at the time and its 3:45pm *** let me check wheather i can make it. Mrs: are you doing anything now? Me:no… Mrs: then what is preventing from coming? Me: you knw your house is far, Mrs: i knw but its still time….don’t enter bus, Just chatter bike and come fast. Me: that’s involves a lot of money. Mrs: just forget it and come, i will pay ok. Me: ohk…. I will be there soon Mrs:thats my baby boy, please be fast, i will be expecting you Me:owk… Mrs: i love you… Me : me too *** hang up *** let me go and visit her atleast lemme knw if my anger can come down. *** i worriedly went to the road to enter bike and i met my dad coming down from bus and i hid myself and he passed. I came out and boded bike straight to her house. I went close to her door to knock, i heard someone moaned. Is someone bleeding her or what. I just decided to wait a bit and knw if i can hear that moan again, i waited for like 5mins before i heard it again. That moment my heart skipped…. Oooh God, what have i done to this women? Do they just call me to break my heart today. Princess invite me to her house and i went there and met corper Isaac. Now this lady don invite me and another person dey inside dey bleep am. So they want to give me heart attack? I decided to go but the problem is my t.fare because i used all the money i have to pay the bike man that dropped me. Should i go inside and intrude them or trekk home? I can’t trekk home because they is a long distance. I moved out of their gate and stood there. After like 2mins, my phone started ringing and it was princess calling, i ignored her call and continue thinking of what to do. After her call, another call came in and it was Mrs sharp sharp calling, i was asking myself, should i pick her call or ignore her and trekk home…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 23, 2016 — 6:56 pm

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