Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 18


A Story written by Officialfestus…

as my phone was ringing,i checked it to knw who is that and it was princess calling, i frowned my face and put it in silent.*** Mrs:t who is that? Me: my classmate. Mrs: owk… I thought, its your parent. *** after eating and drink the hollandia yogurt she gave me, i was fully relaxed. I unhook my belt and relax on her sofa. She packed the plate that she used to serve me food and went inside the kitchen…. After like 10mins, she came out and sat beside me on the same sofa.*** Mrs: are you fully loaded naw? Me: extra loaded sweetie. Mrs: how i wish you are the same age with me… Me: sorry to ask…how old are you? Mrs: 32. Me: waoh! *** after like 20mins of discussion, she told me that she need me inside her.. Sure i have no other option than to give it to her in a more romantic way…. I released inside since she told me that she can’t be able to get pregnant. She thanked me that evening and gave me 5k for my t.fare and also for my upkeep. I left her house that evening. As i was going to the main road to chatter bike that will take me home, some guys were coming from my front, i couldn’t recognize their faces because the weather is gloomy. I perceived peril as they were coming close to me but i decided not to run since they are near to me… Immediately they told me to stop and i stopped. My body started shaking that moment. I was thinking so this is where my life will end. Who will tell my parents what happened. I didn’t even inform any of my family members where am going to. Mrs sharp sharp you have really killed me ooo. I probed to identify their identity and they are policemen.*** Police 1: where are you coming from by this time ? This is 8pm already . Me: *** panting *** am coming…am coming from my…my… *** one of them gave me a thunder slap, i fall down immediately and was rolling on the ground.*** police 2: so you think, we dey play abi? Me: *** it took me like 2mins before i got myself *** police 2: no be you we i dey talk to? *** i started crying and was asking them what offence did i comit. One of them told me that a woman was kidnapped that evening in that area so they are doing some investigation .that i have to follow them to the station, that i will be release until the investigation will be over. I started pleading with them to have mercy on me that i knw nothing about the kidnap. I told them that am a secondary school student that they should allow me go. That am not living in that vecinity. One of them told them to release me and another one said that they should not, that i might be their informant. I continue pleading with them to free me and another one asked me how much i go pay? I told them that i have only 5k on me that my aunt gave me for my textbooks in school and they said that i should give it to them or i will follow them to the station. I have no other options than to give it to them. They freed me and went away, i moved out of that arena i was with the policemen *** Me: what will i do naw? My t.fare is in that money those policemen collected … But wait ooo, how am i sure that those guys are policemen? Should i trekk home or go back to Mrs sharp sharp’s house *** i looked at the time and its 9:21pm *** eeh…! Am finished. If i say let me trekk home, i will reach our house either dead or alive because that road is danger at nite and if i go back to Mrs sharp sharp’s house, she wouldn’t allow me go. God into your hands i comit my spirit ooo… * *

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 24, 2016 — 7:33 pm

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