Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 2


A Story written by Officialfestus…

Me: what did you said? Lucy: common stop pretending….come and have your share. *** i look at her again ***. Common igwe. *** my p****k keep on complaining inside my boxer ***. Leo: igwe go naw. I know you haven’t done this….and this is your opportunity to learn how to do it even better. Common be a man and do what others did. *** as they were persuading me to have s-x, i left in an annoyance to my house. When i got home,my dad is outside and i greeted him with a thick face,he notice my mood and called me as am about to enter inside the house. I turned back to him***. Dad: what is the problem? Me: nothing dad. Dad: your mouth said nothing but you face is saying something. Tell me am your dad. What is the problem? Me: *** faked a smile ***. Absolutely nothing dad… Am ok. Dad: as you said so,no problem. *** i entered inside my room and started thinking about what i saw. Soon my phone rang,i looked at it and it was leo calling me.. I pick up immediately*** Me: hello. Leo: igwe am sorry ok Me: sorry for yourself. Leo we have a future more ahead of us. You,Arinze*** arinze is my other intelligent friend*** and i have vow not to go near girls till we finish our secondary school but you violated it.. No problem go ahead. I have nothing to do with you again,let me know that am with Arinze only.. Leo: igwe please lets keep it a secrete and forget about everything that happen. Me: i have forgotten. Leo: igwe let me tell you,Arinze you are refering to as a saint has a girl friend. He has been hiding it since,so you better find yourself one or you go dey there conji go kill you..*** hang up** Me: Arinze has a girl friend? I can’t believe all this bla bla bla leo is talking. Anyway sha,i will still find out.. *** i continued meditating on what Leo told me about Arinze. As time goes on,i found out that its true. He even have two girl friends that he is bleeping. God all my friends are not whom i think they are… i started thinking how i will get my own girl friend. I started searching but found none worthy to be my gf in our school. So one day,we were in the class one morning,a girl and a boy entered into our class,they introduce themselves as member of us. We welcomed them. They started doing as brothers and sisters..most of our classmate started seeing them as twins because of their behaviour,their height the same,their complexion the same. After one week that they were admitted in our school,i came to school one morning and found a two new desk beside mine and it happens to be both of them. I started associating with them.. The boy name is mathew while the girl is princess started coming close to me and i started eyeing afternoon,she was searching her desk*** Me: what are you looking? Princess: am looking for my phone. Me: where did you kept it? Princess: i don’t know where i kept it but am sure i came to school with it. *** i helped her in searching for the phone but we didnt see it*** please can you help me with your phone,let me dial my number. *** i gave her and she dial her number,soon her phone started ringing inside her school bag. She handed my phone to me and bring out hers.***. Princess: i don’t even know that it was inside my bag. Me: yea, things like that happen. Sometime you might hold sometin in your hand and you will be looking for it *** she laughed***. Me: igwe your funny. Anyway thats my number,you can save it,let me save yours. What name will i use on it? Me: you can use goat,sheep,lion,dog…… Princess: *** laughing***. You are funny igwe. *** i looked around and found mathew staring at us with a thick lump face.. Chai! I don curse wahala for both of them ooooo.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 16, 2016 — 9:00 pm

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