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Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 25


A Story written by Officialfestus…

how will i enter this compound naw? My mind was running through many things. I borrowed courage and entered the compound. I met her father *** Me: good afternoon sir. Princess dad: good afternoon to you… Me: please i hope here is princess Akachukwu’s compound? Princess dad: yes…. Me: are you her father? Princess dad:yes i am… What can i do for you? Me: actually,am from St. Theresa secondary school. Am in the same class with princess. She was absent today in the school and our form teacher send me to come and check on her… As you can see our wassce is fast approaching. Princess dad: that’s true my son.that’s so kind of your form teacher. She is not feeling well since yesterday nite when she came back from school.. *** omo see gbege… Na my handiwork *** Me: eeeyah! So sorry but can i see her because i have a message for her from our form teacher? Princess dad:sure you are free to see her… She is inside her room *** he pointed his finger at the direction of her room *** Me: thank you sir. *** i went straight to the room where princess dad pointed at. I knocked and she told me to come in.. When i came in and she saw me, she was amazed.. I rushed to the bed where she was seated and held her hands and tears rolled from her eyes *** Me:please baby,am sorry for everything ok… *** tears was still rolling from her eyes *** baby please stop shadding tears, it hurts me when i see your tears… Wipe your tears,am here for you… *** i brought out my handkerchief and wiped her tear and sat beside her on the bed. She laid her head on my chest. Baby why are you crying? Princess: you wouldn’t understand igwe… Me: well… Here is not the right place to discuss this issue. I was just feeling bored and lonely because of your absent. So i decided to come over to knw how you are doing. Princess: thank you so much.. Me: baby if i didn’t do it who else will i do it for? Am so sorry for the pain you are going through. Princess: it is a compulsory act for we girls, so don’t bother yourself about that….. Me: hmmm….. Ohk…. So how are you feeling naw? Princess: feeling ok when i saw you… Me: lolz… Am i your medication? Princess: *** she laughed *** igwe please i don’t want to laugh this afternoon. So how was school today ? Me: my dear school was fine oooo…. Princess: so igwe what subject were you Been taught today? Me: forget them jareh… My mind wasn’t in the class because of your absent. My consent was busy wiping me… Princess: your consent! No now. Eeehe before i forget, how did you manage to come here because my dad was around? Me: trust me naw,he was the one that showed me the direction of your room. Princess: you evaded him? Me: forget i will explain when you come to school tomorrow. I hope you are coming to school tomorrow? Princess: why not,i will come. Me: i have to be on my way naw before your father will suspect us. *** i planted a kiss on her forehead *** i love you baby.. Princess: i love you too *** i moved down from the bed and opened the door to go, i looked at her again and she waved at me… I left her room and went to that place i saw her father when i entered the compound, but i didn’t see him there again. I hurriedly moved out of the compound so that her father will not knw the time i left their compound. As i was going back to school to attent lesson, my mind wasn’t at rest because i was thinking that princess’s father might hide somewhere to capture our conversations. When i got to our school gate, someone tapped me and when i looked back, behold! Its company and other four boys. They were looking at me with so much anger on their faces. I don die today oooo….

To Be Continued…

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