Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 26


A Story written by Officialfestus…

** i was so scared because all the people knew company as a member of fraternity. Company stepped forward to me*** company: igwe you have choosen to be that fly that insist on following corpse to the grave. Me: what did you mean? Company: you don’t knw what i mean? Me: yes.. Please i don’t understand you… Company: you dnt understand? Is it only you that haven’t heard that am inlove with princess. Now is either i break one of your legs or hands so that when princess see you, she can’t be able to recognise you again. Or we will have a deal. Me:***panting *** please what is the deal? Company: ok,it goes like this,,,you knw i don’t want to break your heart because i knw you love her and she loved you too…. Just arrange her for me,let me bleep her just once and i will go my way…. Me:please company,you knw that will be difficult to do. Beside she is still a virgin. Company: *** he landed a slap on my face ”gbozaaa!!”. I stagger and one of them hold me so that i will not fall. *** virgin my foot! Will you or should i do my worse right here and now? Me: *** tears rolled from my eyes *** please what gain will you derive if you fracture me? Company: *** he landed me another slap. I fell on the ground and two of his boys lifted me up and held my two hands *** if you dear open that your rubbish mouth to ask me that stupid question again, i will not only fracture you but will kill you… Idiot!!! So what do you said ? Me:*** i was still shedding tears *** Company: you are not even a half man, look at yourself,i only dash you just slap and you are shedding tears. What if i stabb you nko? Rrrrubish!! Talk before i kill you here naw…. *** he broughtout a well sharpened knife from his school bag *** will you talk naw koomu gbanyere gi film ka iwochiea? Me: please can you allow me lemme think about it and i will give you feedback? Company: lemme grant you that but!! After tomorrow,if i didn’t hear from you, you will blame yourself for that….. *** he left with his boys. Chai i don enter. What will i do? How can i arrange princess for him?? How can i even talk to her about that?? And what will be her reaction toward me?? No! no! no! I can never do that….. But this guy dikwa mean oooo, if i didn’t do it, he might kill me… Should i stop coming to school till our wassce exam?? But my parent will suspect me … So many thought were running through my mind. After soliloquising for a while ,i decided to ignore our lesson and go home because i was so weak and angry. When i got home,i saw only my mum and greeted her, she responded and noticed that am not happy *** Mum: what is the problem? Me: problem? There is not problem mum. Mum: your lips said no but your face said it all…. So tell me,why are you not happy and why did you come back early today? Me: only science student have lesson today, so i decided to come home…. Mum: only science student! alrite… *** i went inside my room. After doing some of my evening duties and some cooking,we ate and when i tried to read my books as usual but i couldn’t do that because thoughts about company was just running through my mind. After some minutes,mrs sharp sharp called me… She was asking me,how do i do and other things. She asked me,why am i absent in the school that day? I told her that i came to school but my parent called me home…. she told me that she want to see me tomorrow in her house.. I told her that i don’t think it will be possible because am not sure if i will come to school. After our discussion,i droped my phone and tried to concentrate in what am reading. In the morning, i prepared to school, when i got to our schoolgate, i decided to go to harrison’s house and stay for a moment. When i got there,harrison was in a haste to school and i told him that i will stay in his house, he said ”ok” and gave me his key and left. I read some of my textbooks when i got inside the room. At around 11am that day, princess entered. I didn’t knw that, they are some boys following her…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 28, 2016 — 9:23 pm

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