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A Story written by Officialfestus…

When princess entered,i was so surprised because i wasn’t expecting her… She sat beside me and was looking at me… *** Me : princess how do you knw that am here? Princess: i was waiting for you but i didn’t see you, when i saw harrison,i asked him about you and he told me that you are here….. Me: you shouldnt have come here naw remember that you are not healthy…. Princess: i knw but how can that be possible igwe? how can i be in the classroom without you beside me?? Me : ok… Ok… Ok… So how are you today? Princess: am fully well naw,i can even bet you for a fight and win you *** she gave me a soft punch on my chest,i laughed *** Me: hmmm….. i see,you are indeed ok… So tell me,what did they taught in school? Princess: nothin much,it is just only our mathematics teacher that came with that her annoying topic. Me: na waoh! Princess: but igwe why are you even here and not in school? Me: *** see question ooo! Should i tell her the truth or conceal it from her? If i conceal it from her, it will look so matured that way than to open up to her… *** i just decided to be alone and sort out somethings by myself, you knw teachers cannot teach you everything. Princess: that’s true but we will go back to school naw,i think you are ok here today. Me: i don’t want to go school, i preferred here atleast i have learn alot here today. *** she started forcing me to follow her to school, i later agreed to follow her to school. I picked some of my text books that i was reading. Immediately we opened the door and came out, we saw two boys at the entrance of the door. I looked at them to knw if i could recognise any of them but i was unable to knw who they are. I brought out my hand to have a hand shake with them but they ignored me, i became so much angry. *** Me: who are you guys and what do you want? *** they ignored my question and they were busy staring at us. I repeated the same question to them and the first guy told me that someone is looking for me. I asked him who the person was and he told me to follow them and confirm by myself. Princess told them that am going nowhere until they tell me who the person is. The second guy rose his hand to slap her and i held his hand and said to him,don’t ever try it again *** First guy: so you want to fight us? Me: if it is what you think,then am ready for it.. Second guy: if anything happen then you have to blame no body but yourself. Me: am ready to blame myself…. Princess run back to school. Princess: no igwe..i can’t leave you and go, forget this guys and lets go back to school. They may wound you or you wound them. Please leave them and their wahala, lets go… *** the second guy threw a punch at princess the second time but i saw the his punch on time so i pushed princess back inside the room and close the door.*** second guy: hmmm….. I see that you are prepared to fight us. *** the other guy rushed me and i hijacked him and hit him hard on the ground, the second one hit me with a bucket beside us and it got broke and my head started bleeding. Out of anger I rushed him with a stick beside me and hit him on the chest and he groaned and fell down.. Princess started shouted,calling me to open the door, i ignored her… The first guy that i hit stoodup with a knife on his hand that i dnt even knw where he got it from. I was scared a bit,he rushed me and tried to stab me with the knife but i was quick to defend it and got a slight cut on my hand. Princess was busy screaming inside the room to open the door , when i got a slight cut, i ran back and saw a plank and grabbed it immediately and rushed him and hit him so hard that he fell down. I rushed to the door and unlock the door and princess rushed out and want to hold me so i shift because of the blood that was on my body. I held her hand and took her away immediately out of that compound. On our way,we met company…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 29, 2016 — 1:19 pm

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