Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 28


A Story written by Officialfestus…

We stood still as we saw company. Company: you don dey form Jess born abi? *** i whispered to princess,”run to the school and let me knw what he is trying to do. Princess told me that she is not going anywhere, that if company want to kill me,let him kill both of us. With anger he came closer to me and gave me a dirty slap and i staggered and want to fall and princess held me.. Company grabbed princess and was taking her to an unknwn area. I got myself immediately and said to myself, man has two options in this world ,is either he die or live. I can rather die fighting for my love than someone to take her away from me. Is either i die today or he will die. After saying all this things, it seems as another strength entered inside me and i rushed him and pushed me down and he fall down. I took princess and ran away,when we got to one area, those wounds that those boys gave me were still bleeding *** princess: igwe we don’t have to waste, lets look for clinic so that they can treat this wound. Me: no problem am ok… You have to go back to school and attend lesson,i will treat myself,i will be fine.. Princess: i knw that u wouldn’t go for treatment, Please lets go now… *** we went to one nearby chemist store and the guy treated me. After the treatment, i had only N200 inside my pocket while the guy charges me N1200 for the treatment. I told the chemist guy that i had only #200,that i will pay him when i get home and came back…. Princess broughtout #1000 that i don’t even knw where she got it from and handed it to the guy and we left. I thanked her after everything and told her to go and she insist that she must follow me to my house, i went to my house with her… When we got to my house in the evening, only my mum was at home and she was shocked when she saw me… She started asking me what happen to me and i told her that i was attacked by some cult boys and she asked me who am i with. I told her that she was the one that saved my life. My mum was very happy and thanked her for that….. She helped my mum to boil and prepare food for me before she left. The next day,i couldn’t go to school, in the afternoon,princess showed up to our house *** Me: princess why are you stressing yourself to come here? Princess: igwe if i don’t do it for you, then who else will i do it for? You are the one that saved my life from that naughty boy called company. You got wounded for my seek why wouldn’t i come often to take care of you… How i even wish,you are living alone, i would have been in your house till you recover. Me: thank you for been there for me… Princess: igwe stop,we are one,anything that happen to you affects me too…. Me:i love you princess: *** she came closer to me and kissed me *** i love you to. Where is mummy? Me: she went to farm with my dad. Princess: ohk…. *** she opened a black nylon bag that she came with and broughtout some food and gave it to me *** Me: tank you so much princess: you are welcome. *** as we were discussing inside my room, my dad came back and came inside the room i was and saw princess. He frowned his face..

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 29, 2016 — 9:26 pm

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