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Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 43


A Story written by Officialfestus…

When i sight the bathroom, i saw my madam stalk Unclad masturbating. I stood there and watch her as she service herself, she couldnt see me because she was backing the door…. Her body was as smooth as that of a new born baby. I keep on looking at her b—ck and side view of her b—bs,she keep on pushing her finger inside her p—sy and use her other hand to hold her two b—-t, my dickson resurrected with force, i step backward and arranged my dickson. I came up again and stood at the place i was before and was feeding my eyes. My dickson became so hot that i can feel the hotness inbetween my legs. Should i enter the bathroom or ignore her?? For some months naw,i haven’t bleep any girl. This must be a temptation and i must overcome it. I quietly walked out of our flat and stood at the door. The sound of her moan was too much that i can hear it from the place i was standing. What will i do naw I decided to bang at the door to knw if she will stop, i knocked but to no avail. I opened the door and entered, she was still busy masturbating and i entered my room straight and she could notice that someone entered. My dickson became more harder and hotter. I sat on the chair that was inside my room. After for some minutes,she came out of the bathroom, i opened my curtain and greeted her, she was marvelled.*** Madam: when did you come back? Me: not long ago. Madam: which way did you follow to your room? Me: i entered through the parlour. *** she became a bit shy, i can see it written over her face, she turned and entered her room. I removed my cloth to go and take my bath, my dickson was still erect and i tied towel on my waist and entered the bathroom fast so that she can’t notice my Attention. After i finish bathing, i entered my room and my dickson was still hard. Chai! Nekwanu ifem ji akam kotere onwem. If i had knwn,i would have stay long in the market. After she prepared our dinner,she told me to go and carry my food in the kitchen. I stoodup from the bed and my dickson was still hard, i have an iron pant and i brought it out and worn but it still show. I entered the kitchen and carried my food. As i was eating, her moan i heard when she was in the bathroom Keep on replaying on my mind. After eating i went to the parlour to greet her, when i got there,she was with a bumshot and a sliveless top that shows her b–bs. My dickson started nodding, i greeted her and left the parlour immediately. I couldnt sleep all through the night because of my erected p–ck, in the morning, i prepared fast and went to market. When i got to the market,bathlomeo hasn’t come so i swept our shop and cleaned everywhere, i sat on my chair, i keep on picturing my madam’s unclothedness. Soon Bathlomeo came to market, after he was through with cleaning, i called him *** Bathlomeo: guy what’s up naw Me : i dey jareh Bathlomeo: yarn me wetin later happen? Me: guy that lady na witch ooo. Guy could you believe say,she dey m——–e? Bathlomeo: M——–e! She must be a s-x addict. Igwe take your own share naw…. Me: take my own share as how? Bathlomeo: chop and clean mouth, see igwe stop behaving childish and reason like a man for once. You knw say,your oga don comot and her body needs a man, she don dey show you green light but you never understand. Me: so wetin you come suggest make i do naw Bathlomeo: that one na simple something naw but promise me say,you no go f–k up. Me: i promise Bathlomeo: when you reach house…… *** our two sales girls entered and we quickly changed our previous topic to football discussion. Ijeoma went inside our shop and Amanda stood at the entrance of our shop. *** Me: nne welcome,i hope you are healthy today? Amanda: yes . So how are you and your madam? Me: we are fine. Amanda: i will come to your house on Sunday,it have been a while. Me: do you knw our house? Amanda: why not,i came when oga got married and after that, i have visited madam when oga fly out and help her Do some certain things. Me: waoh so nice of you. But have you inform her? Amanda: no,i want to pay her a suprise visit, please don’t tell her. Me: even if you tell me to, i wouldnt do that naw….. Amanda: naughty boy. *** we entered inside the shop and ijeoma was busy going through our sales book. After sales for that day, i went home. When i got to the house,my madam was in the kitchen cooking, i greeted her and entered my room and she called me back. I stood at the entrance of the kitchen and she told me to come inside the kitchen and i was scared because i don’t knw what she is up to. 

To Be Continued…

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