Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 44


A Story written by Officialfestus…

i stood at the entrance of the kitchen because i was scared, i don’t knw what she is up to. *** Madam: come inside. Me: *** i stood still where i am *** Madam:*** harsh voice *** i say you should come here before i deal with you mercilessly. *** i don die. I moved in a little *** Madam: igwe who gave you the fundamental right to enter this house when am bathing? *** i was muted *** talk before i skin you alive. Me: plz aunty,am sorry for that. Madam: so you did it intentional? Me: no aunty, it wasn’t intentional. Madam: then tell me,what is it then? You have succeeded in seeing my unclothedness abi,are you happy now? Me: aunty,am sorry Madam: sorry for yourself, let that day be the first and the last you ever enter this house when am bathing. Me: *** see me, see wahala ooo. So her new plan now is to leave the bathroom door open whenever she want to bath *** yes ma but i thought bathroom door suppose to be lock when someone is bathing. Madam: and who are you to say such a thing? Are you the one to tell me what to do and when to do it? Me: am sorry ma. Madam: sorry for yourself, will you get out of here before i descend on you,,stupid boy. *** i moved out of the kitchen to my room. I sat down on my bed and was meditating. Why did she throw those insultive words on me?? What have i done wrong to her? So many thought were running through my mind. I entered the bathroom and took my bath. After she finish preparing our dinner,she didnt call me to come and take my food as she normally do. I waited for her to call me to come and carry my food but she didnt call. Hunger just dey wire my belle because i ate once for market. I stood up and entered the kitchen and i saw a plate of food and i carried it to my room. When i opened the food, it was smaller than the one she always put for me. When i finish eating, i entered the parlour and greeted her but she didnt respond well as she normally does. I greeted her again and she shouted at me, i left to my room. I was very angry all through the nite. I woke up very early in the Morning and did my morning duties and left our house without greeting her. I decided not to because of the way she responded to me last nite. As am about to go to market, one beautiful lady came out from the next flat and asked me if am igwe. I greeted her and told her that am igwe. She said that my madam told her that they have a new boy, that is why she want to confirm wheather am the one because she haven’t seen my face in that compound before. After some other pleasantries,i left to the market but my mind wasn’t at rest. When i got to the market,i refused to disclose my encounter with my madam to Bathlomeo because i knw he doesn’t have any meaningful solution. Amanda and ijeoma keep on persuading me to tell them what the problem is but i ignored them. All through the day,i couldnt talk to anyone neither do i talk to Bathlomeo. When i got to the house in the evening, my madam was in her room, i greeted her and she still can’t respond to me the way he use to. I didnt talk to her again, so i entered my room. She didnt cook that nite, so i went out and bought some snacks and coke and devour it like a hungry lion and rushed in immediately. I laid down on my bed, i used my phone to play some music to knw if i will sleep. I finally slept off and wokeup the next day been Saturday by my madam. Every Saturday i normally wake up very early in the morning to sanitise our house before i go to market, but that day i couldnt wake up early and my madam came to my room and poured me water, i was suprised by her action. She started throwing abusive words on me,calling me a village champion and all what not. I stood up from the bed and looked at her with an angry face and she landed a dirty slap on my face ”’GBOZAAA!!!” i makes to hit her but unfortunately i didnt have the mind to do that and secondly i have calculated the consequences that will come out of it. She rose her hand to Slap me again and i held her hand and looked straight to her eyes. ”don’t ever try it again” i said. I threw her hand aside. *** Madam: so you want to fight me?? Me: i don’t want to fight you but if you push me to the wall,i will have no other option than to do just that. Madam: i see… That means you are leaving this house today. Me: if you are ready then am ready too. ***what was on my mind then was to beat hell out of her if her hand touches me again, she stoned me the cup she used to fetch water that she poured on me. I became more angry to the point that my anger can even boil hot water. All my body was vibrating and what was on my mind then was to destroy her 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 7, 2016 — 1:47 pm

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